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Eros and Thanatos in autonomic masturbatory hypnosis. A reinterpretation of Newport Cigarette Commercial #4. 3:44.

Music: "Dance of the Dream Man" by Angelo Badalamenti from the Twin Peaks soundtrack.

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Comment by Brad Wise on June 3, 2008 at 4:07

Richard, Stephen, Thank you for watching. "Smoke Dream A" is one of a series of sketches for a feature-length film called "American Ghost Dance," which I've been working on with Danish artist/filmmaker Hans Manner-Jakobsen.

This sketch and others are posted here with sincere apologies to David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti, whose collaborative work are among the best scores ever created.

While our film on American ephemera of the 1950's-60's will feature original music, paring these commercial films from the past with others' scores and pop music have been truly informative in unlocking the pathos hidden within each one, as well as celebrating their overt Freudian semiotics.

Related videos on artreview.com include TV Dream AB and Hans' Pandora, both of which include original music from "Digby's Doodles" and deal exclusively in the realm of television and its mass appeal.

Other sketches here, Adorable, Refrigerator Moods, Joy, and Dream of a Blue Heart, also present themes of consumerism and women in advertising, as will future postings and further "smoke dreams."

Comment by Stephen Banks on June 2, 2008 at 10:29
I liked that a lot. The Newport couple have a sinister vibe, very Lynch, esp. with that great soundtrack. They are the Stepford wives to Superman's Nic-O'teen. It's helping me give up smoking. Thank you.


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