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At 0:02 on August 24, 2008, VENICE said…
hello, you can see my artwork online or on byvenice.net, if you are interested by digital art (art numérique), thank you for your visit !
At 19:17 on July 8, 2008, kika nicolela said…
Hey Willoh,
Just a quick note to let you know I'll write you an email (to DEARLUPAART@gmail.com) with the latest news about the Exquisite Corpse project, ok?
At 17:08 on June 22, 2008, kika nicolela said…
by the way, if you want to exchange some ideas with the people at Formverk (the gallery that presented the first 3 corpses in Sweden), their profile is:
At 16:55 on June 22, 2008, kika nicolela said…
Hi Willoh,
ok! I'll keep you posted about the process.
Let me know if you decide something. It would be wonderful to have the premiere in Australia!
At 5:16 on June 22, 2008, Head Quarters said…
Hey Kika,
Cool. Yes a different projector would be ideal.
I'll keep in touch with the progress of them- and see what I can think of for here.
At 12:48 on June 20, 2008, kika nicolela said…
Good morning! (probably good night in Melbourne...)
they were projected one after the other, but in looping, for 3 days. I wish they had left for a longer period of time, though.
I believe the ideal would be to have them each in a different projector (or plasma) in looping, but that's the luxury option.
In Sweden, besides the projection in looping, they also left a computer where people could choose which corpse to watch.
When we're done with the new series, we'll have 6 corpses, each one running 7 to 9 minutes.
At 3:52 on June 20, 2008, Head Quarters said…
Hi Kika,
Nice to hear from you.
In Sweden are you projecting the videos one after the other- for a specific viewing time? - or are they installed and people can come and go as they please?
At 3:19 on June 20, 2008, kika nicolela said…
Hi Willoh,
Thanks so much for the compliment on my work!
About the Exquisite Corpse Video Project, I'm very excited about it. We've finished 3 videos, which premiered a couple of weeks ago at Formverk (a Swedish gallery).
And we're already working on 3 more videos! This time we have 20 artists from various countries collaborating. We'll probably have the new videos ready in a month.
I still didn't search for a place to premiere them, so if you're interested it would be wonderful.
At 2:40 on June 20, 2008, Head Quarters said…
Hello there,
Goldfactory looks wonderful and I particularly like the definition of research space as seperate to studio/ presentation space.
It would be great to swap notes- your ideas surrounding curatorship of research space particularly.
At 8:18 on June 19, 2008, Mik Godley said…
Hello LUPA/art

Please check out http://www.artreview.com/profile/Goldfactory a new artist-run contemporary art organisation and "research space" (more residency-studio than your average 'white cube' gallery) located in Nottingham U.K. which looks beyond borders, beyond the narrow confines of the ordinary to bring cutting edge artists and the public together…..

It may be interesting to link up and swap notes?
At 16:58 on June 17, 2008, artreview.com said…
Hi LUPA/art,

Welcome to artreview.com. It would be great to see some images of your artists' work on your profile...

Hope you enjoy the site. Also, check out ArtReview:Digital -- it's ArtReview magazine on your screen every month, and it's FREE
At 8:54 on June 17, 2008, Beppe said…
I'm from ITALY. I invite you to visit my site. www.beppedevoti.com. and http://www.artreview.com/photo/album/listForOwner
I want to invite you to join me in the pure painting art http://www.artreview.com/group/puraismo . I would be honourable if You wanted to participate in the group of my friends. Beppe


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