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At 19:10 on September 3, 2010, Elina Ruohonen said…
great paintings!
At 11:34 on September 2, 2010, moira said…
intense and focused
At 7:21 on September 2, 2010, Rise Art said…
Hi Robert,

thank you for adding Rise Art to your friends!
The artwork you have up here looks interesting!
Please check out our homepage!

Best Wishes,
the Rise Art Team
At 16:30 on April 8, 2009, Robert Wright said…
Hi Estelle,
I worked at an equestrian centre for a while. I'd been a design engineer, worked at a BT call centre, worked as a night porter at a posh hotel, and I was fed up with being made redundant and being messed around. I saw the horsey job at the jobcentre and rang after it. The horsey guy said can you use a shovel and carry a bucket? Yes I can, said I. You've got the job! It's the best job I'd ever had! The nearest I'd been to a horse before was watching John Wayne on the tellie, but I got on great with the horses and I had not fear at all. The money was poor and so was I, but my roses came a treat! I've had riding lessons but I would still consider myself to be a novice, albeit a very confident Novice. They're scary when they rear! I my experience there is no such thing a safe or bombproof horse. It only takes a leaf to rustle and they think it's a lion about to jump on their back!
Oh Barry! Barry Wright! Barry Wright the musician! No. Sorry. Never hear of him.
Take care Estelle,
At 12:33 on April 8, 2009, Estelle Ablett said…
Who cares about dirty !!!! thats how you get to the good stuffs :-)
I still ride when I can afford to which isnt often enough. As a child I rode a great deal --chase me charlie was my favorite gymkanah event The last horse I owned was bonkers and scared of dogs. He once fell over backwards from a rear-- on the road-- because I wouldent let him cross with his friend. Sold him not so long after and baught a car.
I knew a musician called Barry Wright ( no not the famous one ) a vegan singer songwriter "The Vegtable Autonomous Collective" Any relation to you ?
Oh the studio was an artist group and was next door (I think) to the F.S. so I didnt get too distracted by the bells or hunky firemen either!!
Do you ride? Often?
At 9:08 on April 8, 2009, Robert Wright said…
Hi Estelle,
I went to Newcastle College to do a Foundation Degree and I'm due to start the BA (top up) in September.
How did you manage to get a studio in a fire station!?! It must have been distracting with the bells and sirens going off! Ha ha!
What's your connecting with horses. Do you still ride/have your own horse/or work with horses?
Fab sketch! Is it a drawing of your horse? I don't like using charcoal 'cause not only do my hands get dirty, but it ends up on my face, clothes, and I have hands prints all over the drawing!
Take care,
At 21:43 on April 7, 2009, Estelle Ablett said…
Perhaps it did work after all.... love your colours. Did you go to college in N'castle ? Its years since I was there ,used to have a studio above the fire station in the center of the city. Brilliant place,
At 21:40 on April 7, 2009, Estelle Ablett said…

Oh yes and horses too ! oh heck-- that didnt work did it sorry Ill try again properly soon.
At 17:04 on February 13, 2009, Maria Bacha said…
Hi Robert!

Thank you for your comments. Yes, they are all on canvas and it is acrylic.
From your work, No 5 and 6 are my favorite! Is it acrylic, too?

All the best,

At 11:37 on January 6, 2009, Myriam Thyes said…
Hi Bob,
thank you for your compliment! I like abstract work - do you have more and larger photos somewhere - an own website? Which music inspires your work - and why doesn't music appear under your "interests"?
Best, Myriam
At 12:52 on October 17, 2008, ART & ARTISTS LA said…

Open to all artists in all fine arts media we seek to recognize outstanding quality and diversity in the arts.

The 2009 IJC is open to all artists worldwide, age 18 and older. All works must be original. Entries in the following medias will be accepted: Painting, Drawing, Mixed media, Printmaking, Watercolor, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Photography.

Entry Deadline February 15th 2009.


A solo show next winter 2009 at Bluebird Art House and $1500 to the winner. 1 work in the show for each one of the 3 runner up.

To receive the Submission Form and bases

At 17:36 on October 10, 2008, Henriette Hellstern-Kjøller said…
Thank you for the kind words regarding my video works. Sorry it´s been a long time sinces I have been logged on here. But you´re asking about the humor/seriousness/personality in my videos. And yes they are very personal. I use humor and kitsch style to reach out to people, so they better can relate to the videos.
Hope that answered your question?
At 10:30 on September 20, 2008, Laura Calder said…
Hiya Bob,
Lovely to hear from you what have you been doing with yourself?
I'm not exhibiting anytime soon because I'm mega busy with my PGCE but I'll let u know if I do
At 9:04 on September 11, 2008, Hayley Hare said…
hey bob, dee asked me to get you to e mail her
shes wanting to know if your going back to college.
im dreading this talk, i aint got a clue what to say.
how was ireland?
wanna get lunch on tuesday?
At 15:02 on August 25, 2008, Hayley Hare said…
hey-lo bobula,
i've just been contacted by a girl i know who has just took on a gallery in cork.
ive contacted su about taking saturnalia over but was wondering if you know the best way to get there. we could fly its just transproting the work down there it might be better to get the ferry. but i dont understand any of the websites ive looked at.
hope all is well. alex starts at the college tomoro... when do you go back?
At 13:05 on August 24, 2008, Heidi Lægteskov Heidmann said…
Hi Bob
Thanks for the compliments on my work:-) Yes they are costume drawings from "Les Miserables" 2007 here in DK. I am struggling a little with uploading stuff to this site but I will make sure to upload more for you to see. I have not yet spent much time here (work you know:-)) but I will stop by your profile in a while to have a look as well. Awesome to meet new people with creative souls:-)
take care.
At 10:00 on August 23, 2008, Shahed. said…
Hi Bob,thanks for the nice comment.i always look forward to hearing different ideas about my work and yours was the best.i like your work as well,i'm looking at them and will post comments for those which i like the most
have a nice time :)
At 9:41 on August 21, 2008, Nicholas Wright said…
all of that work is watercolour on paper vut i currently have a show of these works at harrington mills studios in derby nottingham england the ones in that show are large scale watercolours on canvas with indian ink.

link is here the exhibtion is called the garden of modern delights

At 11:20 on August 19, 2008, charlotte mary fallows said…
hi robert i love the use of colour and the layeringof the colours iv just joined this site its really good char
At 17:53 on August 18, 2008, Hayley Hare said…
hey bob, sorry ive not replied your texts, no credit.
i'm meeting dee for coffee tomoro morning if you wanna meet in town either tomoro or friday gimme a bell. im working at the biscuit every other day
see you soon

ps im all moved now


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