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Who are the Marengos?

reprinted from C magazine

  Although the Marengo family was originally in the ship building industry,   today they are headed towards the medical spa industry. “In the 16th and 17th   centuries, the Marengo family was in the shipbuilding industry in Venice,”   says Jojo Marengo, who is the historian of the family. “At the end of the   17th century they extended their commerce to Syros in Greece and Marseilles   in France, two important shipbuilding centers in the Mediterranean at the   time. Today, the Marengos still maintain contact with various branches of the family all over   the world.
  Dr. Jean Marengo (1841-1917) was the nephew of Archbishop Yanni   Marengo and Grandfather of Jojo Marengo. A physician and diplomat, Dr.   Marengo was the representative of French government to the Ottoman court. The Ottoman kingdom was one of the most powerful empires   for the previous four hundred years, and   ruled an empire that stretched from the Danube River in Austria to Yemen at the edge of the Arabic peninsula. During his numerous trips in the Empire, Dr. Marengo   collected many eastern remedies and exotic preparations that have unique healing characteristics. He shared his vast knowledge and collections with   his colleague Dr. Louis Pasteur. “In fact, in the Pasteur Museum today there   is an Ottoman carpet that that has the inscription ‘Gift from Dr. Jean   Marengo to his friend Louis Pasteur’,” states Jojo.
  Archbishop Yanni Marengo (reprinted From The Catholic Encyclopedia)   “The Catholic hierarchy in Greece took hold with the Archdiocese of Athens,   established in1875, when Bishop Yanni Marengo of Syros (pronounced in Greek   Marangos also Giovanni in some Italian documents) took up his seat there, in   spite of the protest of the Government. King Otho of Bavaria, the first king   of regenerated Greece, was a Catholic. In his reign the Catholics were few.   But arrangements were made that the Catholics could have a place of worship   wherever they existed in sufficient numbers. After Athens became the seat of   government, in 1834, an abandoned Turkish mosque was given to the Catholics   as a place of worship. After the lapse of some years, in 1875, archbishopric   was established in Athens. The first Archbishop to occupy this See was Yanni   Marengo followed by archbishops, Zaffino, De Angelis, and Delendas. Marengo   was born in the Aegean Island of Syros.
  Antoine (Andoni) Marengo
  Dr. Marengo’s son, Antoine Marengo, dedicated his life to art and literature.   He was a novelist who also wrote an interactive encyclopedia about world   rulers, leaders and generals, from Attila to Zenobia. He was also a painter who   painted mostly church frescoes. He also developed a shorter version of   shorthand. He married Maria Zarghanis, daughter of a Greek politician from   Syros, Greece, and had six children. The three sons all entered the beauty   industry.
  The Marengo Brothers
  The Marengo Brothers – Jojo,   Jean Claude and Antoine – are cosmetologists,
  estheticians, designers, authors and publishers. They were marketed in Europe   as the image-makers of royalty. They arrived in the United States with Queen   Fredericka of Greece. Jojo accepted an offer from Saks Fifth Avenue in New   York City to take on the position of artistic director. Saks built Jojo his   own private styling suite where he received Diane Vreeland, then senior   editor of Vogue, The Duchess of Windsor, Mrs. Senator Jacob Javits, Princess   Pignatelli and other women leaders of the time. Antoine accepted the position   of artistic director for Elizabeth Arden on Fifth Avenue and Jean Claude   replaced Kenneth at Lilli Dache, the famed millinery designer.
  Together and simultaneously, the three brothers were the art directors of the   three most famous fashion names in the country. Leaving New York for Beverly   Hills, Jojo and his brothers were soon recognized as the originators of what   is known today as the “Day Spa.” The Marengo Institute in Beverly Hills was   the first establishment in the United States that offered services never   before available in one facility. Built in 1965, the spa consisted of a skin   care center, body rejuvenation division, self-realization department, implantation   facility, yoga studio and hair salon. Their clientele consisted of the who’s   who in the social scene and the movie industry.
  The New Generation
  Monique Marengo,
daughter of Jojo and Cherie   Marengo, is one of those people who knows what she wants, and doesn’t quit   until she gets it. A Beverly Hills native, she spent most of her youth   interning at her family business, the Marengo Institute. Together with her   father, Monique founded the Art & Fashion Group to bring together the   brightest minds in the beauty and fashion business. Monique led the group as   its Executive Director, overseeing activities in thirty-five countries. She   became the youngest person and first female to direct an international beauty   organization, whose members include such luminaries as Vidal Sassoon and   Isaac Mizrahi. She produced and coordinated over 1,000 educational activities   a year for the Group and was the producer of the largest show in the beauty   industry, held in Rimini, Italy.
  Her brother, Antoine Marengo, is the youngest of the family, and the most   recent addition to this growing family business. Born in Beverly Hills,   Antoine’s first love is music. He’s a composer, producer and multi-instrument   player, and founder of Body/Mind Music.
  His company produces movie scores and many music CDs including “Transcend”   used in spas worldwide. Antoine is the Executive Vice President of the   Marengo Family Holding Company and President of the Marengo Institute’s hotel   division. Antoine presently is the founder of Body/Mind-Healing.com an alternative healing organization

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