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Toronto Collage Material With Small Carbon Footprint

Top Notch Insurance Company to the t. dot


When I see the new technology we come up on a continual  basis I am always amazed by the continuous improvements that we make in the manufacturing business as well. It seems like we have it all at our hands.   However, with this constant advancement follows the concern for sustainability.   How can we maintain long term environmental, economical and social responsibility?  Society is  more conscious of their actions and behaviour now.  Action towards reducing individual carbon footprints are being made. Participation in some situations has even become mandatory in some places. Arguments are made that government policy and society is not doing enough.  It's a huge commitment and life process change towards reducing the global footprint.  Lifestyles and mindsets are difficult to change like neural pathways to the brain, but,  not impossible.  Some building construction projects take on the financial burden and use a lot more solar panels and other green power. I find myself overwhelmed by the possibilities and lengths we can go if seriously committed to %100 sustainability. I feel this comes out in my art work. I have become an artist who salvages materials so I can to not only incorporate these interesting items in my paintings but also send a subtle visual message about these concerns.

 Wood Panels with Antique Style Bicycles and Wise Owls

I had a lot of salvaged material accumulating from discarded computers, printers and even broken eye glasses.  A while back during a art supplies sale, I purchased some small 8"x8" wood panels. I was captivated by the natural texture of the wood rather than the canvas. I ran my fingers over the brown light wooden surface and sometimes felt the shame of painting over such a natural forest product. These panels stayed blank and untouched for a while. Eventually, I took this guilt and decided to see where I could go with it. My inner voice told me that the wood panels were not meant to be merely painted on with acrylic paint. They were meant for much more, with a serious message done in a fun whimsical way. I rustled up all my various salvaged materials. I played with the visual arrangement of the items until something emerged.   Two images of owls unintentionally appeared and bicycles.   A few of the materials needed to be manipulated and altered to create the images further. I named one a WISE CYBER OWL sitting on it's perch with arrow keypads for ears. The direction of arrows going in, and going out. Two other 8" x 8" wood panels suggested whimsical antique style images of bicycles. The backspace keypad lay on the speaker.  A few touch ups and changes to be made and they are  ready to fully share with the public and place for sale. The next step after this will be where to exhibit and sell. 

Broken Glass and Technology

  I have created a few various city-scapes. Included is a larger version of Toronto currently hung and for sale in Cafe Uno in the Distillery District, Toronto. I have more to hang now so I am looking for new venues.   I noticed a month ago when visiting my Toronto Dentist they had a wall hanging system to display local Artists paintings. I remember thinking this was a great chance for Artist to display their art work for free and gain more exposure and gain some possible sales that could be commission free. Something I need to discuss with my dentist that doesn't involve pain but instead pleasure.  I had found some slightly smaller panoramic wooden panels size 36" x 12" that seemed perfect for a further exploration of city scapes with my salvaged materials.   I love the creative process of using acrylics combined with collage recycled items.  I especially love the blending of colours in the sky.  

I now have a series of these  36" x 12" cyber cityscapes paintings.   My focus is not on realism but instead the play with the possibilities of a simple perfect futuristic city.   From a distance things may be more visible. I consider myself a dreamer sometimes, and I would love to see more positive social change and developments. The following painting contains a clear crisp glass mirror strip salvaged from an old printer that was found in the trash. I added it to give a reflective quality to the work.  By nature I am reflective and it's a great learning tool if used with a sense of awareness.  I guess I was hoping this futuristic type of city would take a reflective stance as well for possible positive growth and sustainability. I can visualize amazing groups of people working towards and creating diverse and productive sets of communities.

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Comment by Jair on January 24, 2012 at 10:26

I am very pleased that I've found this story, much more than when I got my pencil skirt


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