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The Vitality of Elements of Ganesha Paintings

Ganesha paintings and Idols are considered to be very auspicious. In fact, Lord Ganesha is adorned not only by elders of the house but also by the children who love watching his movies and playing with soft toys of him. Moreover, there are many tales attached to Lord Ganesha.

Although people love hanging Ganesha paintings in their houses, they are not well acquainted with the vitality of the various parts of Lord Ganesha.

Hence, in this blog post, we will tell you the implied meaning of various body parts of the revered Hindu deity, Lord Ganesha. Take a look.

  • The symbolism of Ganesha’s belly-

The belly of Lord Ganesha represents kindness, acceptance, and big-heartedness. This is shown in order to remind people to do good deeds and to stay humane.

  • The symbolism of upraised hand-

The upraised hand is a way of showing that the Lord will shower his blessing to the devotees in bad times and will save them from all the bad occurrences in future. Not just the upraised hand but the resting hand too depicts his giving nature. Besides this, the hand is also considered as a way of Ganesha inviting his devotees to bow down. Moreover, it also means that we all are made of the three elements of nature and will ultimately liquefy in the earth one day.

  • The symbolism of single tusk-

The single tusk of Ganesha indicates the one-pointedness. This is a way of the Lord telling the people to stay focused. By staying focused, he means that one should not be indecisive and should seek his blessings at the time of confusion and chaos.

  • The symbolism of ‘ankusa’ and ‘paasa’-

‘Ankusa’ and ‘Paasa’ are the two things that the Lord carries in his hands. The former points towards the awakening of the soul and the latter towards the level of control. Both these are held by him in either hand so as to maintain balance. They both together tell that there is a need for control, when one awakens his soul as a lot of energy is released. Thus, if the energy is not directed towards achieving a certain goal, it can become irrational and uncontrollable. 

In addition to this, the mouse is said to be the mode used for traveling by Lord Ganesha. The mouse cuts the rope like the chants which can cut through covers and layers of ignorance and take one towards the ultimate knowledge which Ganesha is considered as a symbol of.

The saints of that time have given meaning to each symbol so that their meaning can remain same in all the forthcoming eras. So, let us know in the comments how you did like this blog post. We will also love to read your comments regarding celestial Ganesha paintings and the meaning of different vital elements of paintings of this revered deity.

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