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Julio Cesar Osorio is having a solo exhibition titled “THE FEMALE BODY AS A CANVAS” at

The Library

235 Upper St, London N1 1RU

From 16th June -31st of July

Open daily 5PM-1AM



(The Opening reception with me the photographer will be on Thursday 23rd of `June from 7PM.)


A Colombian born photographer based in London comes back with a very different project to his last published book titled Work play and no rest, which was about childhood in third world countries.

This time his work is focused on the beauty of the female body and using it as a canvas to express a concept of the many thoughts and inhibitions that western society have in the 21st century.

Each idea has been dissected and worked on to then be painted on to the model and finally confront the viewer knowingly misbalancing them of the actual concept with the beauty of the female body which for centuries have inspired many artist.


“I have looked at the female body and the beauty of it since I can remember and when I made a decision to study photography I had that in mind.

My dissertation was about how the female body is always been used in advertising to sell and ten years down the line the boundaries have been stretched further and to a younger audience.

And I wanted to use the female body as a canvas to actually convey a social message rather than to sell the same way that advertising does.”


One perfect example of how the female body nude is used to sell can be seen in lady Gaga’s photographs used for her work and publicity.


Body art has been going on for centuries by tattooing and Makeup, which consists of removable substances-paint, powders, dyes-applied to enhance or transform appearance,

Body painting can transform a person into a spirit, a work of art, another gender or even a map of a sacred place. It can emphasize visual appeal, express allegiance or provide a protective and empowering coating. Protective body paints often feature in initiation rituals, weddings and funerals -- all occasions of transition and of spiritual danger. People everywhere adorn the living, and some also treat the dead, with body paint. To make body paint, pigments composed of plant extracts or mineral clays and powders can be mixed with vegetable oil or animal fat. Throughout history, the substances used for body paint have been important trade items. Ochre, camwood, cinnebar, and kaolin were traded throughout Asia, Africa and Europe.


White clay used as body paint. Among various African groups it used for healing, for protecting a newborn and its mother; and to help a healer communicate with spirits in the "other world."



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