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text :- Vera Goulart:-You will always be with me......( xv bienal Cerveira 2009 - Portugal-)

Among sinous dark lines and enthusiastic sketches , i come across golden lines , pins , a rusty scissor , an old bed, crocodiles , rubbery serpents , pices of dirty cloths , and a whloe lot of paraphernalia of objects with " soul", and disgracefully useless. My hands get hold to the great white paper, which i stretch on the wall, with some special onthe edges...this repetitive gesture of my daily life is mixed for the creation of paintings , intallations , objects and poetry.
As years go by , the maturing of my drawings has transformed them into open letters , reflecting my feeling and showing the radiograhy of my breath and my whishes hidden behund the "sofa" of my head.-.
When i use the graphite pencil, i observe a slight softness and the sensation of a harmonious blow of the Enthusiasm creator ...... I concentrate myself on the instantaneous Strong sketch , and on the dragging noise provoked by the touch of the nib of the crayon on the paper; he modifies me, relaxes me , taking me in a spirituality of another planetary dimension ..... I cannot control the touching instant ..my body wonders between the dancing of my arms , echoing signs of eletrical waves from my brain. I want my drawing to be widened up to a point of being altered , and thus becoming a musical score of talented sounds... Since i have explored all the limits through , among other materials , the pencil , the plume , the charcoal, i am willing to transform it into an installing - drawing that screams through the paper , thus conceiving that " Letterof images "..Iget paralzed , by instants ;in this moment i have colossal desire of getting through the needle Golden threads and to introduce them on the edges of extemely enormous Papyrus !..in this combination of the bidimensional and the three-dimensional plane, i globalize my feeling of creative accomplishment . I void mxself completely , but i keep inside me this affectivity.... i am like a bag of potatoes full of golden waters !..I carry this beatiful feeling with me and i have it sheltered with locks !...Within the fancies of my existence , i often have intuition that my head is distancing itself from my corporal skeleton. Ipull down the head that fliest !.. i put hands between the two ears that i have got, thus trying to unite the two key points of my existence !...i keep on crying at the conners of atelier; i seek for an answer and i keep everything inthe old drawer !... i drag myself like a crocodile . taking everything i fell and not leaving anything forgotten behind !...
The magic of the surprise protects me between the boundaries of myself! i have to be quick and efficient , because this anesthetizing of attitudes through my work does not set a day nor an hour . Its something that i possess and that i often hold by the chair , so that it does nor abandon me without me being able to prevent !........A head of happiness that over-comes my brain , leaving it spatial and simple !...i carry in throught the instant that was and that which will still be...


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Comment by vera goulart on September 24, 2009 at 8:54
the original foto for these work , you can see in my ALBUM FOTO ARTREVIEW..
THANK YOU..........................DRAWING: 3M X 4M .....


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