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Tuesday, January 6, 2009
Stock or Art for your Investments

This is the time of transition of wealth. With the correction of the market on Wall street, the trend of corruption and greed is beginning to be purged out of the system. During these corrections the investors might want to consider a more practical way to invest as in buying art work. Art is based off of truth and creativity and these attributes are endless forms of prosperity.

The use of the competitive wealth is beginning to fade and prosperity through the creative mind is moving through the monetary system. No one can ever be wholly free from the fear who recognizes any limitation in the supply, for if there is not enough to go around, we know that our turn to do so without may come at any time. The lapses and failures of such people are traceable directly to the idea of a limited supply, to the idea that success and the attainment of wealth are possible only to a part of us. The truth is that as each person's success empowers the whole. Creative wealth works off of the success of the whole not from a fear base.

Another aspect of buying artwork is to have the vibration of the artist. This vibration of the artist is instilled into the painting. The investor also buys the aesthetic pleasure the painting offers.

For example there was a collector who went to Matisse's studio. He commissioned a painting. Matisse laid the canvas on ground and painted the outline of a lady.

The collector said,"I paid money for twenty minutes of painting!"

"No, Matisse said, You paid for forty years of my life as a painter to get to this point!"

The collector buys a painting to which he buys a moment of the painter's life/existence/vibration.

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