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What could space be considered as? This is one of the questions I asked myself when addressing the issue of ‘space’. I have explored the ways in which space can be limited and enclosing. I have used sculpture and paintings to show this as well as looking into enclosed drawings.
The work started off looking into different scale drawings of what other artists have considered as space. A big influence in my work has been Frank Stella who did a series called “Black and Whites”. The paintings I have made reflect an enclosing space almost maze like, using only black and white paint the black looking very harsh in appearance and the white almost is faded out as the dominant colour being the black pushes its way into your focal point following the black lines like a maze, however there is no way in or out of the painting. The work almost acts like an illusion as the contrasting colour fights against one another causing mayhem. For me this is as if the painting is creating a very small space closing space on the page.
I have then gone on to look into how space is reflected through buildings and spaces that have been made around us. Similarly to the paintings I have focused of enclosing spaces and how the material can make a whole new space of its own. I have used plaster to make my sculptures as the material itself expands when it is setting, for me this was the best material to have as it showed best the objects I was trying to create. I looked more closely at how mazes can be enclosing however they are normally on a large scale, taking this I chose to work on a smaller scale to try and create a small enclosing space that you can look into as a viewer, yet still hold has an enclosing, claustrophobic atmosphere.
From here I explored ways in which the viewer would have to work harder at understanding the object. This led me on to working slightly bigger, and working with plaster in a constructive manner. By doing so I was able to make an object that looks very self explanatory but once the viewer looks inside the object, the piece can be seen as something completely different interlay. By having more space inside the object than it appears to have as well as looking small from the outside, again gives a similar feel of illusion of space as well as still being enclosing.

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