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Sebastian Quedenbaum and Fabian Weinecke

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Sebastian Quedenbaum and Fabian Weinecke

The Exchange and the Death


Stalke Out of Space and Flink has the great pleasure of announcing the exhibition The Exchange and the Death

November 18th. from 5 to 8, Nørre Alle 1, 2200 Copenhagen , Denmark


The idea for this exhibition was inspired by the great discomfort surrounding the most predominant ideology within the financial world, more specifically referred to as liberalism and marketing fundamentalism:  with “the invisible hand,” as Adam Smith metaphorically describes it, the market regulates itself, resulting in a win-win situation.  The fragility of this ideology is demonstrated quite obviously by the rising number of financial crisis within the last several years.

The artists can ask the question of whether or not the art’s instruments can play a critical role in an economical situation which is so complex, that trite, leftist propaganda art would otherwise be meaningless.

Central to Sebastian Quedenbaum’s works is the representation of the consequences of an economic system as experienced by the individual.  As Richard Sennett describes it in his book “The Flexible Person,” solutions are ascertained by hierarchies, along with a rising sense of insecurity within the work and living environments, and the resulting shift of responsibility to the individual in which the person feels coerced to constant personal evolution inspired and fueled by existential anxiety.

Sebastian Quedenbaum’s artistic investigation is not limited to one decided style or medium.  He uses instead varied approaches and medias:  reliefs and glaze paintings inspire, among other things, associations to socialistic realism, Nazi art’s Kitsch and propaganda art.  The more critical opinions are not always evident, but are instead often camouflaged as a tribute to capitalism.  Hence, there occurs an irritating, poetic space, in which the viewer him or herself can decide upon a position.

Collapse is the downside of the dogma of eternal growth.  Within the individual there arise symptoms of burnout and depression, whereas global symptoms manifest in the form of bankruptcy within firms, banks, and whole states.  Thus, finite is the enemy of capitalism:  the termination of the workday, the termination of all of earth’s resources, or the termination of human life as we know it.

Death is also the theme in Fabian Weinecke's works, but not in a programmatic sense.  His images, which are often characterized as intimate miniatures, are entirely developed from the color as a medium.  His image compositions are more intuitively founded, rather than calculated.  Although his images in many cases cite the paintings’ historic heritage (i.e. Carl Spitzweg, symbolism, or Francis Bacon), he maintains his own unique imagery.  This can be seen first and foremost in the suggestive power of the characters which inhabit his landscape:  archaic feminine figures and skeletons which seem to awaken the painting, bring it to life, and make the images his own.  Fabian’s works combine humorous impulses with a great respect for the painting tradition.

We look forward to welcome you to the opening on Friday November 18th. From 5 to 8 pm

The exhibitions ends January 6th 2012

Open by appointment:


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