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SEASONAL OBJECTS - work with paper (Matisse called it "painting with scissors") .....and other materials/forms

---- The following objects developed out of the work with and for kids..... and became independent projects in the time from ca.1989 till 2003...(I could not continue with this objects, because of my personal experiences with the "human" being, which destroyed my special ambition for creating them.) Its a partly unusual way of combining tales and symbols with different materials and forms to an emotional new object, which I hope you will enjoy.
The laterns are not only something for the dark, they are also coloured for the time they are out of function.
The window-pics and the mobiles are good for relaxation.
The egg-form for me is a perfect form...a symbol for the never-ending, and wonderfull to paint on. It gives the opportunity to have more then one painting or even tell a story , cause the egg can be turned or layed down...and then shows different parts, that are prefered by the viewer.

window-pic easternest

(window -pic easteregg 1989)

window-pic easteregg


latern, the house of the easter-bunny


two Laterns, moonlatern and christmas-latern in daylight

window-pic to my tale called: "Im Labyrinth von Maulwurfshausen" ( In the Labyrinth of Moles Home )

window-pic moon

window-pic sun

window-pic birds

window -pic snowman

Schneemobile ( Snowmobile )

mobile-top (nest) to the mobile butterflies

mobile, butterflies underneath a nest

mobile, easter-theme


Eierwärmer für Kinder, eggwarmer...made from ancient draperies and clothes......own design

Schlaraffenland - Ei, ( cockaigne- egg ) The old dream of a life without worries and in plentyfullness.....

Herbstei, ( autumn- egg )

Traumfresserchen- Ei, ( dreameater-egg ), tale from Michael Ende

Nikolaus - Ei (santa -claus egg) ,--- the face of the "Nikolaus" is a bit like the face of my dear grandmother

Kornblumen - Ei, cornflower -egg, (ostrich egg)

three little clay-eggs, with faces , belonging to a sunflower egg (also clay), which is bigger

big easter- bunny egg

red easter bunny -house -egg

picnic-egg (ostrich egg), according to the english childrensbook from Jill Barklem, "Brombeerhag im Frühling"

Marienkäfer - Ei, ladybeetle -egg, (ostrich egg)

Copyright (Urheberrechte) for all contents by the artist


If you are interested in owning one of this object, or like to have something special to be created, then email me (email-adress on the main - page).

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