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As the mists roll up through the meadow,,,through the dripping green forrests,,I hear the sound of the blackbirds lonely call,,,musical and sweet....

My Grandmother, Chloe,, was a gifted clairvoyant as is most ofthe woman of my family,,..when she was fifteen .my lovely Grandmother with her long red curls ,,saw her true love.. wandering through the forrest hills,,,,wandering through the mists,, and although she called out his name ,, he did not return to her....she found out later that he had been killed in war a week before...

I think of the lovely, melancoly song my Simon and Garfunkel....I think of my Grandmother,,,so long ago....

Are you going to Scarborough Fair ? Parsley , sage , rosemary and tyme,,remember me to one who lives there he once was a true love of mine.....he once was.........

Sometimes I wander in my garden,,,picking the French lavender that blooms there,,,and I pause to listen to the blackbirds call,,,

Are we all connected in spirit ,,,are we a never ending circle ..a circle of light ,, I believe that we are,, I believe somewhere inside all of us is not only memories but talents and powers as gifts given by our anchesters,,,to use for good and grace...

As Chloe's gentle clairvoyance lives in me,, as does my Mothers,,,as I pass this to my daughters,,these gifts,, of love ,, truth , power and light,,to shine....to shine brightly....

Sometimes I can almost hear her voice singing softly on the breeze or is it only the sound of my wind chimes ....singing a song...

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

may you all shine on,,


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Comment by Bijeaux on October 9, 2008 at 1:42
Very spirtual and makes one think. I too belive we are all connected and Im going to Scarborough fair myself.

Thanks for making me shine tonight with that wonderful story.


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