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Through the Eyes Beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Some of us have more of a talent for finding beauty than others.  Photography can help us capture a special moment in time and offer a new view point.   Photography can keep us looking towards the future and alter our view of the past. Photography offers Artists the chance to explore new perspectives. This is a gift a visual image can give to those that can see.  It's not always an intentional action when taking photos but for those who take it seriously it can be. 

Professional Photography in the Warehouse

Photographers can find beauty anywhere.  Even piles of merchandise can be captured in an interesting way.  Boxes stacked in warehouses or trucks prepared to hit the shelves or for transport can be a great composition.  This photo contest is geared towards those with more of a professional attitude. If yyou win the contest you can add this win to your portfolio and resume. The judges want to use the winning photos professionally. Warehouse Stockpiles is a chance to win a $250 photo licensing agreement for use of the pics. The leading software company that focuses on helping factories improve their inventory management system wants to use the great pics. The company is looking for photos to put on their new web pages.  The person with  the winning photo will be not only given given money but online exposure. They will have their photos on the large scale production planning page website.   Something to brag about to your friends.

Capturing Halloween Horror

Homemade HALLOWEEN Costumes is a photo contest for all photography lovers.   It's a creative time of year when we can dress up any way we like. We can live those imaginative lives we always wanted such as the feline, canine or witch.   Have fun with your friends, family and camera this halloween season and you could win a sweet prize.   The judges will determine the winner of $250 in cash or candy thanks to the social media contests who like to be creative.

Try Our Daily Bread

Most people love this food and often add it to their meals. Bread is such an traditional food and comes in many different forms. This organic photo contest involving one of the oldest foods is a fun challenge. The organic ingredients company is offering a professional Breadman breadmaker machine to the owner of the best photo involving this food staple. Capture someone eating bread, making it, or sharing it. Write a fun description too. Our Daily Bread photo contest wants interesting images with bread involved. Your imagination is the best tool to capture all the qualities. This food has a rich history and many memories can be tied to it. Italy has it olive bread and some like the whole wheat and organic ingredients.

Loving Care with Landscapes

A lot of people use their creativity in the loving care of their landscaping and lawn care.  Most of us like to see well landscaped lawns and the lush green quality that makes you want to take your shoes off and explore. Autumn has arrived we can still take our cameras and capture images of the summer hard work and what remains. You may already have photos of green grass and colourful flowers. Find your photos of the landscape beauties and enter them for free on the lenzr site. The Landscaping and Lawn Care photo contest judges want to see your green and bright images. A property maintenance company made this contest possible and is supporting with a great prize. This is perfect prize for green thumbs. Next spring you will glad you won, or you may know who it would make a great gift for.   $250 worth of garden tools will go to the photo contest winner.

Looking for a Metal World

 Metal can be cold and futuristic.  However, there are so many different ways to capture images for this contest. Thinking of metal can give us many different ideas. The Metal World photo contest doesn't involve the changes in season, but it's an opportunity to see the world differently, like living in a metal world. Use your cutlery, your keys, your metal scrape. Take photos of bridges and subways to get the metal fix for the contest. The judges want these photos to determine the winner. It's a chance to win a Sony Laptop thanks to company that specializes in metal roofing ottawa. They know the beauty in a metal world.                                                                                     Capture the Renovations

 House For Renovation photo challenge with Lenzr is great if you are a photographer going through a home transition.  Perhaps you like to help out friends with renovations and take pictures of the process.  It always gives a sense of accomplishment to see the before and after pics.  Well, see difficult labour process in your renovation as a work of art with your camera.  This photo contest offers all photographers of different levels a chance to win an Apple iPad 2. The judges will determine the best photo and give the iPad2  thanks to Toronto mortgage broker who take goals seriously, financial and photography related.














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