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i did not anticipate using artreview to process my own process. but that's what's happening, so I am going with it. i am having this really life-shifting shit come up through recording my process, through photography, voice recording and video. as i have recorded and played back these documentations, i began wondering why this is so fascinating, to hear my own voice, to see my own image talking back to me through time-space about something i have already experienced in real time? then tonight it dawned on me; by looking or listening back over these recordings, i am engaging in a dialogue in which i hear or see myself, then respond by processing what i am hearing or seeing. it's sort of the ultimate mind fuck for a self-absorbed artist like myself. i live so completely in my head. but what i am doing now is intending to share these recordings with my audience, as a part of the exhibition space. i realized just tonight that the visual is not enough for me. i don't care if i am violating the laws and protocols of obtuse conceptual display any longer. i want to give more. i want to have more than the prints and encaustic. i want to have an engagement opportunity. i want to demystify the process, and break down the walls of fear that often divide artist and audience. we are the same. i am an audience of my own work. my audience is reflected in the work by nature of the content and the very act of display. i just think this is one of the most enjoyable experiences i have had making any work. it's fascinating to reflect daily on what has been accomplished or lost, forgotten or constructed. i think it is important for understanding the art making process, to provide that opportunity to reflect, for myself and for others who might care to know.

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Comment by Liz Tuckwell on January 21, 2008 at 4:46
Right on, well said. I often see my work as a conversation between myself and me. And it is only when I step back and look at what I have created that I can begin to see more wholly the various parts within me that are hidden or could not come out in voice, but rather in color. Someone once told me that the soul speaks in images, to be an artist, can mean that we are able to have true conversations with the inner most parts of us. Awesome. Keep processing the process Erin.


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