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Picture is a process which will never stop. We belong to her as it belongs to us. We film it. We look at it. It forms the expansion of us even. Our private impairment.

Picture is a psychological movement of gesture, act and its temporality.  But picture also creates a pathology which influences psychologically our daily forms and our functional modes. Reversible as the symbolism of a mirror and dominated by the fascination of beauty and its opposite; endless Aïdos, refusal and virtuousness of the body. It persecutes our pulpit existential and metaphysical to corrupt definitely the material which is our body. Definitely. Picture and its movement. Picture is its expansion.
A charming game became established there.


In my last film "The Passengers",  I explains the metaphysical presentation of the body, the loss of its form by its impairment. Picture and its pathology where the body lose its likeness then with form to become shapeless.... Endless Aïdos.
It is there essential databases which one find in the introspective research of the individual, the positioning of its corporate name. The influence of picture can only intervene since she plays the role of moderating one psychological.  There is visual launching.

Picture becomes a too imposing abstraction on our ways of life and our cogitation. There is as a feeling of deny and will to reassert laws. In reaction, we create reaction, we use it to imagine our freedom, our shouting, derive or struggle social. We belong to her as it belongs to us. We film it. We look at it. It forms the expansion of us even. Our private alteration.
Definitely, charming game became established. 

Picture is a fatal idyll and having liked it, to have known, filmed her and slept with her, there would be only one feeling that would not cease living; that of a metaphysical demonstration raising as an erotic cloud, sometimes becoming Storm and falling again towards the earth in form of Rain while the lightning breaks down the coats of the Universe. The Body lose its likeness then with form to become Shapeless. 

The Passengers is an experimentale and alternative realization searching a mode narrative different from dialogue or other conventions. Having illustrated by voice-off, treatment of picture and sound impulse, by the musical form there outlines, parallels, déstructurées lines in a message voice – off dictatoriel; metaphysical and poetic.

It is by emotional and visual reason that script and realization of The passengers in begun. Then, integrated framing and productions. Based on one year of writing, several versions existed of these The film themes now safeguarded and archived. The final version was shot in Salonika in the north of Greece and in Athens. 
The alternative structure of the independent cinema and its pictures put down in margins in the so simple expansion of what is.



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