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looking at sex, sexuaility and gender

Sex, sexuality and gender, these are the three things I have explored in this body of work. I have explored the ways in which they can all over lap and can become problematic with one another. The work shows a number of different issues, for instance a pull of sexuality, what is sexuality and how can it be defined? As well as this I have looked at the ways in which gender and sex both overlap in terms of how they can relate to one another, mix together and push away from one another.
Gender, sex and sexuality all of which in today’s society are hard to pull apart. I have explored the ways in which sexuality and sex itself can be complex and even act like a type of pulling sensation. This said I have examined the ways in which gender can over lap leading on to sexuality becoming confusing and indefinable. This has then lead me on to looking more in and discovering more about gay society and how attitudes and can be complex. Gender has held a strong role in this as being ‘gay’ has had a lot of gender role confusion again, another issue I have wanted to explore mainly with myself through photography and sculpture. As I have used myself in the work it has been a battle of looking into and addressing issues that I have been unclear on myself and in effect has shown in my work.
The work holds minimal colour as I believe it is harder to place gender to it once colour is absent. There is no social control over blue for a boy and pink for a girl, so only the viewer will determine what the colour may or may not be.
The work is fun and playful to view and address’s some issues that are very close to me. The materials I have used reflect the issue I am addressing I have used underwear men’s and women’s looked into the comparison’s and what underwear can mean. Underwear can be playful and fun or it can hide away someone that does not want to show themselves for instance a woman who is performing a drag act may wear boxer shorts and a male stripper may wear a thong both for different reasons but both pushing their sexuality onto their viewers. Tackling similar issues has affected the materials I have used in the work as I want the work to say many things as well as being playful to look at. The work also examines gender and sexuality, most men having to be strong and masculine sometimes can be flipped over and a woman can either look very masculine or even act it, but would that suggest she was or he was gay? Again taking colour into account I have tried to explore this issue by using as minimal colour as possible, flipping genders and pushing them together, merging sexuality and exploring the effects all of which I have tried to show through my work.

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