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A paradigm is a representation of the world, a way of seeing things, a model consis worldview based on a set (matrix disciplinary or theoretical model of thought). It's sort of a rail of thought whose laws should not be confused with another paradigm.

My last film "Scaramanga's Land" express a genesis.

Geometric and emotional coma .

Linear synthesis of it past and its present.

A desire to be in compression and thoughts.


The Port of Scaramanga in a child's world.

The Port of Scaramanga in an adult world.
From that, everything is different. 


If the 20th century was great in something. At least it must be in a sense . And not only because it was tragic.


If the 20th century was great. That's right.

The Thought has divested of all the promises that the story had endorsed.

After approval of all who God have made this. 


The big mistake is to believe that there is only one kind of Immanence.

It is to believe. That communication means the end of the separation.

We are circulating the separation in our world. Not beyond, but everywhere .


At the heart of things.


At the heart of things.


Against this immanence, we call into question about humanistic paradigms, informatives, eco-technical, Questioning the divisions that have never been as powerful as today.


Because they have never been,

because they have never been,

because they have never been so internalized.


That is why the new image of human being that we offer. It is an image of relations, sometimes dislocated.

Composing a World Without unity, quite chaotic.

Relationship that requires the extending field of community beyond the human sphere.


Transform the field of the Ordinary.


« In fact, I belong to the loyalty of being. As emptiness define it.

  I belong to the necessary interruption of the Poem. »



Is there nothing else to invent which can flow in our world ?



"SCARAMANGA'S LAND is available on:



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