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Join the PurePhoto Fine Art Photography Movement – artmarketblog.com

Join the PurePhoto Fine Art Photography Movement  – artmarketblog.com

The experience of purchasing fine art photography online is about to change drastically thanks to the launch of an awesome new site called PurePhoto. PurePhoto is the brainchild of a group of world renowned photographers who came to the realisation that the process of purchasing fine art photography online could be so much more enjoyable and rewarding. Choosing to purchase fine art online is a great alternative for those who prefer not to be exposed to the snobbery of the gallery world – however, the trade-off has has been lack of interaction with the artist and their work that one would usually receive when visiting a gallery, but not online. That is, until now. What PurePhoto have done is create a platform that not only gives buyers the freedom to browse the fantastic offerings at their leisure, but also gives buyers the opportunity to interact with a community of other buyers and artists in a social network style setting. If you have ever been too intimidated to enter a pretentious gallery space, or felt disillusioned by an uninspiring and cold experience with an online gallery, then PurePhoto is the place for you.

According to the PurePhoto site:

“PurePhoto is a new kind of site – a social commerce network – that directly connects art collectors to photographers. We have fused art education, social networking, and buying into a single site. Whether you’re buying your first piece, an established collector, an artist, or an interior designer, PurePhoto makes it easy to discover and purchase new images from all over the world without leaving the comfort of your pajamas. You won’t have to visit 15 galleries, get accosted by a man named Dieter in a black turtleneck or be turned away because you have never heard of the artist. We are revolutionizing art sales by making it easy for everyone to discover, connect and collect. Join the movement.”

Not only is PurePhoto very attractive and easy to navigate, there are also many fantastic features integrated into the site that make finding the right photograph to turn your interior space into a special place a great experience. If you are looking for a photo to complement a particular decor then you will definitely be interested in the sort by colour feature. Looking for an image to continue an interior theme or indulge a personal passion? Then you will love the ability to search by subject category.  If you just feel like browsing through a range of beautiful and awe inspiring images then you can do so at your leisure. Fine art photography collectors will feel more than at home in the special section for internationally recognized photographers with a demonstrated history of gallery exhibits, awards, or publications. As well as being able to choose from an awesome range of highly collectable works by world renowned photographers, collectors also have the advantage of being able to interact with other collectors who share the same passion and motivation as well as with the artist’s themselves. If being able to discuss an amazing photograph with the artist who took the photo sounds like a great opportunity, and being able to share your passion for photography with other passionate photophiles sounds like fun, then you know where you need to head.

I am particularly pleased to see that PurePhoto have taken every effort to ensure that the prints they are selling are of the absolute highest quality and standard with all prints made using professional, museum-grade archival paper with a lustre finish. For all the fine art photography connoisseurs out there, PurePhoto have taken great care to ensure that a range of awesome limited edition prints are available for purchase that will satisfy even the most fussy collector. To be honest, I could rabbit on about the benefits of the PurePhoto concept for many more pages (and will write more soon) but for now will instead leave you to join the site and experience the benefits of being part of the PurePhoto movement for yourself.

To join the PurePhoto movement all you have to do is head to:


and enter the referral code: NF0110RP73

**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of http://www.artmarketblog.com, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications

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