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Intensify the Look of Your Space with Art Prints

Every person loves art. Though different people like different art styles, modern paintings are loved by almost everyone. However, not everyone’s income would allow them to buy such paintings for renovating their space. It is so as not only the modern paintings are costly but also require maintenance. For a person, who has tight work schedule on weekdays, it becomes all the more difficult to maintain such paintings. Hence, for keeping all those budgetary and maintenance issues at bay, modern art prints come to the rescue. Art prints, in general are prints of the original painting or of its reproduction. They are affordable and look almost like the original painting. Maintaining them is quite easy. So, take a look at this post as we tell you the different kind of art prints available to adorn the walls of your space.

  • A Large Poster-

If your home or any of a room, preferably a living room have large spacious walls, a large poster would be perfect. Decide the theme which you want to go with for the room. For instance, if you have decided to keep the look very vivacious and gaily, then a large wall-sized painting. Remember to leave sides of the wall blank, otherwise the both of them will look overdone. Go, with an art print which has the abundance of colors. Avoid choosing a monochromatic wall-sized painting.

  • Framed painting-

The frame gives a much neater and kempt look to the paintings and the place they are hanged in. A rightly framed painting radically aggravates the work. If you have an unframed painting, choose the painting wisely. Look at the existing décor and wall color of your space. Never make the frame match the color of your walls as the frame will camouflage. Try to choose a color of the same hue as that of the main color constituent of your home décor. Basically, don’t overdo or underdo the framing. Also, don’t make the frame look so exclusive and exquisite that it snatches the attention that the actual print should be getting.

  • 3-piece sets-

Set of art prints which are connected to each other or have same theme are a rad right now. The demand of such art prints is high as they are really unique and magnificent. A set of three is enough, arrange them somewhere in the middle of a wall facing the entrance of the room. Remember the framing should be same on all three pieces. Also before hanging them, make sure you are placing them beside each other in the right sequence. If you will not do so, the print will look chaotic and messed up. You can take three paintings that differ a bit in size from each other.

  • Stretched canvas-

Some people don’t like the idea of framing as they consider it to be the major reason of taking away the attention from the painting. Stretched Canvas is for such art lovers. If you also don’t want to frame, mat or glass the painting, take a canvas and stretch it on the same. Of course, they do look great. However, such art prints tend to wither soon as they are not protected by glass and framing. You can varnish the same to prolong the durability a bit.

  • Miniature art prints-

Though large-sized paintings don’t look good on every wall size, miniature art prints do. You can either hang miniature paintings or keep them on the mantelpiece or the tabletop. If you wish to hang them on walls. Look at the size of the wall. If the wall is large, hanging some miniature paintings will not solve the purpose. You should create a gallery wall art by assembling miniature art prints.

It is always a good idea to choose art prints over exquisite modern paintings if you are low on budget. So, don’t think much and buy art prints from an authentic gallery. Save your money and time without compromising on the look of your house.

Happy ordering!

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