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Going on a year here in Santa Fe, still in transition mode, uncertain as to whether I should stay, whether or not I want to stay and I do decide to leave where should I head to next?


I am still enchanted by the natural beauty of this city in the mountains, am very happy with my accommodations, have some terrific neighbors and finally feeling connected with the foundation that runs this residency. All of the home aspects are in place, comfortable, sleeping easily, enjoying the quiet, the bursts of noise and energy and am very inspired.


Still not feeling totally comfortable with the social scene here though, there is an aspect of living in a smaller community that can prove tiresome, I mean that gossip can be spread rather easily and anonymity is a failed effort. Whereas in NYC one didn't even need to speak to the neighbors, or one's circle could be just one among many many circles, here that option is very limited. Not that I give a damn about what anyone says or thinks about me or my behavior, but this does mean that there is a definite affect on social dynamics that are already set in place.


Santa Fe at first glance seems like a liberal hip city filled with an open society willing to embrace change, but it is not all that. The tourist dollar creates a market that can feel stifled, people come here looking for a certain type of artwork, and I do not think that my style fits the bill. Not that everything is regional in appearance, but even what isn't still can fit into a few select categories. I could adapt my work to fit in better but that would be a disservice to myself and potential collectors.


I am thinking of staying at least through September, in the meantime there will need to be a shift in my opportunities here or it would seem pointless to remain.

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