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 Wikipedia gives the following definition: ” The exquisite corpse (also known as exquisite cadaver or rotating corpse) is a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule (e.g. “The adjectivenoun adverb verb the adjective noun“) or by being allowed to see the end of what the previous person contributed.”

I have been actively participating in this game since the year of 2004;  shortly after my first collaborations with American artist Deborah Valentine, she created the club Theexquisitecorpse on Deviantart.com…

Pussy’s Dream” with Deborah Valentine (left, I completed right) / Pencil on paper (2005)

… Many artists became members of the group which had a quick extension and this gave rise to numerous collaborations;

Le vestibule des sens
Le vestibule des sens ” with Ton Haring (Right side) / Pencil on paper (2005)

The vast majority of these drawings was made without pre-established theme, following an horizontal or vertical format, but some compositions gave rise to experiments, the page being then divided diagonally, or differently into three or even four panels;

Grande deusa” with Paulo Cunha (lower left diagonal part) (2009)

Sleeping beauties” with Janelle McKain (center), Sheela Singla (right), completed the third left (2008);

Surreal Bugothic” with Deborah Valentine (2009); I started this drawing (upper left and lower right quarters) ; My inspiration came from the Grant Wood’s painting “American Gothic”

Christmas spirit” with Janelle McKain (2009) She completed on the upper right and lower left quarters;

In addition to these “real drawings”, ( indeed they are, our exchanges being done by postage service ) the game is also practiced in digital, the receiver getting by e-mail a narrow strip of the image from the sender, this strip coming from the bottom or border of his work depending on the case;  After the receiver completed his part, the image is assembled;

No explanation necessarily ” with Ton Haring (center), Rodney Gee (above), I completed the lower third;

Eighty of these drawings are now published  in the book “Miximages” ;

Front Cover, “Narcisso”, with Pinina Podestà (lower half)

This book features drawings that I made with:
Agnès Leduc (France), Ana-Francisca Haas (Canada), Anne-Marie Bricaud (France), Amy Kollar Anderson (USA), Ben Pearce (Australie), Caroline Wojdak (Pologne),Cate Davy (Canada), Catherine Alexandre (France), Cindy Chaudesaigues (France), Craig Blair (USA), Christian Edler (Allemagne), David Hill (USA), Deborah Valentine (USA), Fatima Azimova (USA),Germain St-Onge (Canada), Hélène Ruiz (USA), Inge Vandormael (USA), James Sebor (USA), Janelle McKain (USA), Jean-Paul Miller (USA), Joe McGown (USA), Jon Beinart (Australie), Joseph Larkin USA), Karena A. Karras (USA), Karen Musick (USA), Lee-Anne Raymond (Australie), Elizabeth Matard (France), Martin De Diego Sádaba (Spain), Naichan (Japon), Neil Dring (Royaume-uni ), Paulo Cunha(Canada ), Peter Van Oostzanen (Pays-Bas),Peter Sibrin (USA), Pinina Podestà (Italie), Sally Hunter( Royaume-Uni ), Sheela Singla (USA), Ton Haring (Pays-bas), Wladimir Moldavsky (Ukraine), Willem den Broeder (Pays-bas), Zachary Cain (USA)

A second publication should soon come to life including many exquisite corpses made in collaboration with U.S. artist Karena A. Karras and  surreal poetry of  English author Anthony Mason ;
The harbingers” with Karena A. Karras (lower half) (2008)

Finally, the American magazine “Anarchy Magazine” directed by John N. Mulvihill should edit some of these exquisite corpses, by March of 2011 ...

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