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This is about Emerald Greyland and her claim to be responsible for my art. Yes, I let her participate in the color finishing of a number of pieces. I taught her to use that part of Photoshop, watched her doing the work and gave final approval to each piece she worked on. With practice she was able to arrive at the proper balance points on the three sliders on one panel I gave her access to on the pieces.

The process I was using at the time for creating the work is: I arrange the base images, which usually include a strong geometric shape from a library of images I built in Illustrator, one or more gradients as discrete layers and a fractal of some sort to provide texturing. I then work on blending the layers until a resultant image emerges which triggers memories. After that I add adjustment layers working on the contrast, overall levels and then finishing by tweaking the hue, saturation and lightness sliders. It was her observing me adjusting the hue sliders (I no longer had a private room to create in) that had her asking if she could try that out. Emerald is a jeweler and got her start creating color graduated necklaces of tourmalines and other semi-precious stones, so she prides herself on her color sensitivity. In an effort to make peace between us I sat her down and showed her how to work the sliders for finishing on pieces that were mostly finished.

At the time our marriage was already in trouble: I had no day job and my eyes were undergoing laser surgeries (due to macular degeneration from diabetic retinopathy) so I was in constant pain even while working on my art. When I was offered the chance for a solo exhibition I had to do whatever I could to get the pieces printed and framed. She was willing to have me spend money to do so if she had a say in which pieces got printed. I accepted her assistance as making the best deal possible under the circumstances, so we included some of the pieces she adjusted and they went out with my brand on them. Before that first exhibit we discussed putting her name on the pieces she worked on as a collaborator and she refused, saying she wanted to remain in the background.

It was only after I started getting attention for my work from that gallery show and the display at Expressions Gallery that she decided she wanted some credit for her work and started telling strangers about how she was responsible for the color work in my art. After we separated. I stopped using the old logo (after a while) and changed my signature to the iMAGe stamp that appears on images and the videos I have posted on YouTube.


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