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Characteristics of a New Market Model for Visual Arts

# A new market model for art must not pretend to be constructed without the basic way of economical interchange nor without the speculative form of actual market, it means the new model must have a simbolic value for society and that value must increase in that context.

# The model has to keep a dual pattern: business-art.

# To give a democratic intention to this new model it must be opened to old and new ways of planning, commercialization and consume, it means it must correspond to a pluralism and have integration’s flexibility.

# A new art market model has to be composed of economical models such as capitalism, socialism,.communism, etc, and take the convenient one.

# The new model should be entertaining, the game and emotion keep attention and interest of people no matter how much they know about art or how many incomes they have. To participate in the modern art market, one needs big monetary resources. Reducing prices of art pieces would mean for the galerist to accept a failure in his (her) business, to the artist it would mean to sell cheaper and to the collector it would mean a lost in his (her) investment.

# So, How can the mechanism of a new art market model provide works which price is reasonable to any person and with the same possibility to increase its speculative value? The hidden and misterious way with which modern art market manages and combines its duality ( business-art) is what makes it attractive and leads anyone to its game, at the same time that duality is also a barrier to most of population. If we separate the speculative part and that one related to investment from the artistic one of the work, it is possible to visualize it in a similar way to a market mechanism that lives into the macroeconomical models of each country. This mechanism is the one of the stock market, what we can learn about it is its concept of democratization in an enterprise.

# If we adjust the mechanism of public art funds to a democratic art market model, we could do the next modifications: to be able to acquire stocks coming from a unit, let the participation opened to any work and the stocks can be created by an artist.

# The Parecon model proposes to take decisions through voting groups called “Worker Councils”. This proposal is adaptable to certain decisions of a new model such as artists’ selection. In this decision three parts can be involved proportionally: public, artists and institutions (galerists, museums, curators, etc.). Although, there are decisions that have to be taken in such way that the new model doesn’t mimic selective forms of the body to which it is going to be integrated, (it means the actual art market model) for example, the amount of stockholders. The total of the stock’s owners for each work or artist have to be more than fifty or fifty, and all this has the purpose of avoiding monopolistic practices and manipulation of their value.

# It is important to integrate galleries and museums to this model of stocks about art and artists, that can be made like this: following the selection procedures for artists to whom they manage or to the work that is part of their collection, they could place the art-stocks in the new model which would represente them or , to be distributors of other artists’ art-stocks and their works, doing the function of brokers . This integration gives to the new model a virus personality or a Troya’s horse one.

# In the stock-arts model, it must be considered an hibrid form (online-offline). In the online part or virtual there will be a web site that will contain the offers of the artistic works transformed in art-stocks, it is where the transactions will be executed and there will be also a control of every art-stock and art piece’s history. Information about artists, exhibitions, market, etc, will be published. In the offline part it will be created a web of galleries or museums all around the world that promotes and exhibits artistic works and stock-arts under the new model.

# A new model can not belong to an only person. This pattern of business is at the same time an artistic work that will be represented through a collection of stock-arts, offered and sold to the public.

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