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Cafe Uno in the Distillery District Displays Local Toronto Artist Ruth Wilgress

Art Work In The Distillery District Historical 

My new user name Toronto Arts Girl says it all when I say how much I love the arts in the historical Distillery District in Toronto.  It has grown into one of my favourite areas in Toronto.  I did not start out that way.  I only knew the Distillery for it's fancy restaurants and high end business shops, and I'm not the type to be impressed with such.  But as my exposure to the area increased I found out more about the Canadian history behind the area and I grew to love the historical and creativity inspired environment.  Each building has kept it's historical integrity and yet meets us in the contemporary world in it's unique way.   There are so many hidden treasures in the Distillery District such as artifacts, local Toronto artists, specialty shops and non profit art organizations.   I also found some reasonably priced restaurants to eat that still have a great ambiance such as Cafe Uno.  Upon frequenting the friendly cool cafe I found the opportunity to hang some of my art work.   I decided to give some of my pieces a new temporary home for a while rather than the walls of my live/work studio warehouse apartment.  Patrons of the Cafe Uno can have the end result experience of my creative process.  I hope they like. 

Business Storytelling and Personal Branding

Thanks to the friendly management at the cafe I brought in five of my art pieces. I choose the five that had a common theme.  That is not very usual for my art work considering my styles are all over the place.  I don't stick with a particular style.  So you may say that I have been working on my individual brand personality with my art work.  If I was a full time career artist I would take it even more seriously to market my art, with more business storytelling. My common theme is not that apparent at first but if you look closely I incorporate recycled items into my paintings, turning them more into a collage.  Most of my items are from technological waste.  I have been taking apart computers for a while and turning them into city scapes and other objects.  I have such an abundance of materials that it is overwhelming.   You can tell by each different piece I have different opinions on technology and it's impact on our modern day society.  Two paintings with footsteps are made to represent the carbon footprint spelling out with keypads, and small speakers in the middle, I WAS HOME, and I WAS HERE.  

Toronto Heritage Buildings Art Exihbition

Anyway, I did not not exactly hang my art work on the walls of Cafe Uno.  This was because they have rules about drilling holes into heritage buildings, so I had some beams and windows to hang.  Perhaps in the future I can come up with a hanging system that will allow me to hang directly on the walls.   This is another investment to make when perhaps I sell some of my pieces.  Yes, I am wishing to sell my art work. 

Marketing and Selling Artwork

I have to admit that I don`t create my art work with the purpose to sell. I do have a full time job to pay for the bills, well actually two part time jobs. However, if I can make some cash from my creative work it would definitely help.  Displaying art work usually has this purpose.  The process is for me the end result is for others.  Placing a value can be extremely difficult to do but to have a realistic idea of a selling price is necessary. This is always a difficult decision for me but with practice and experience I have grown a better understanding of what gives a financial price to my art work. It's important to know it's worth.  I factor in the cost of supplies, time and effort I put into the art work, and the emotional attachment. I ask myself these questions when figuring out a price.  Do I care if I see the piece ever again?  How difficult would it take to do a replica?  My computer component pieces took a lot of time and some of the actual refurbished pieces that are used would be very difficult and time consuming to find again.  This is factored into my price as well. 

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