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Blue Thunder's call to Australia's Indigenous leaders

Dear Friends,
Well, our No 1 year of ‘new beginnings’ is well under way! I don’t know about you but I have certainly noticed a great change in the energies, from last year. In the past couple of months, I’ve had to face much that has been unexpected, challenging and confronting but somehow, even when going through it, I’ve still felt a strong underlying optimism about what will unfold this year. There’s a lot of work still to do, a continued releasing of ‘old stuff’ but somehow I’m feeling, perhaps for the first time, that there truly is Light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a kind of excitement bubbling up from deep within me that comes from the sense that possible ‘freedom’ may not be far off. What a joy it would be to be truly free from all that old baggage we have been dragging around, perhaps for lifetimes! How exciting to be able to move forward at last, from a perspective of more forgiveness, non-judgement and love of ourselves, our planet and others. Despite all the outward signs of world collapse, I think perhaps there is a real chance now, for us to radically change things...
Which leads me my main reason for writing to you. Last Friday I received the recent copy of Insight magazine. Normally, I would just put it on the every growing pile of material to read later, but I had a strong sense that I needed to read this one right away. What caught my eye and drew me in, was the quotation on the cover - ‘The smoke of my breath is my Spirit – the Native American Ceremonial Pipe’.
Inside were four, very beautiful articles, written by Native America Indians. One in particular, had
an enormous impact on me. Written by Bennie ‘Blue Thunder’ LeBeau of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, the article, which is actually an open letter, is entitled:-

‘A Message to the Australian Indigenous Leaders of the Aboriginal People: With reverence from Blue Thunder’. In this very sensitive and stirring appeal from a Native American Indigenous elder, to the Aboriginal Elders of Australia, I believe, there lies a huge opportunity for us all. The editor of Insight magazine has very kindly let me have a PDF of the full article for you to download, but here are a few extracts to give you a feel for what he is proposing:-

“We, (Native Americans) as Indigenous people, are moving forward in a peaceful way, teaching many to practice our ways of nature in harmony. We feel that this may be the same desire of the Aboriginal peoples. So, we are humbly asking you to help us, help you, manifest peace, by considering working together to bring about this awareness, in teaching love, peace and harmony…..which will manifest a much needed healing”.
“It is our deepest desire to incorporate what is allowed to be shared publicly, of the sacred way of life of the Aboriginal peoples’ traditions and culture, with that of the Native American perspectives. Together, we can help all nations to see the ancient ways of peace, through nature’s laws. The messages from the ancestors tell us that it is possible to learn from the past, make the necessary changes in the present, that will secure a future that will bring many benefits to the entire planet”.
“The Native Americans know well that here on Mother Earth, what each person does, affects nature’s balance. Mother Nature takes on the impact of all actions and intentions…”
“We know that all the Indigenous nations worldwide were gifted with the wisdom of how man was meant to work in harmony with nature for the benefit of all, for we are one people. We all share the responsibility to care for our Mother”.
“We feel it is very important that the voice of the Aboriginal peoples be heard. And we also feel that it is very important for our voices to be heard, together, as one people. The Aboriginal peoples represent an Indigenous way of life that is very important to all of us, as well as to Mother Earth. Your traditions and wisdoms should not be forgotten and suppressed or lost in the process of colonization or modernization in today’s society. Thus, we appeal to you to consider this ceremony as a way to educate the people in the ceremonial ways of our belief systems, our special way of life, and in our sacred ways and traditions”.
“Here in the Americas, many of our Indigenous Nations work with our sacred sounds in our ceremonies with drums, flutes, songs, dances, prayers and intentions. The vibrational healing of the drums, flutes, songs and dances helps keep nature tuned in harmony, as it heals Mother Earth. Very successful ceremonies have already been performed here in North America. In 2004, we conducted a series of Medicine Wheel Ceremonies to honor the Earth and all creation. These ceremonies brought back a vast amount of healing and balance that restored the waters….”
“We hope that your Elders can consider sharing aspects of their wisdom and ceremonial ways so that we can incorporate your ways with our own to bring about the greatest healing ceremonies ever performed, together! We humbly ask, “How can we create a circle ceremony, teaching and practicing together? Are the Aboriginal people willing to teach their sacred ways?” These are many questions we are humbly asking of your Elders”.
“If we can bring together your writings, images and gather information that represents your visions and concerns, we know that with this information, we can help re-educate the masses of humanity. We will compose a powerful presentation that can be shown to those masses — calling out to all visionaries and peacekeeper's from every walk of life and every nation, to join us and BECOME Earth healers, PRACTIONERS' OF PEACE!”
“As the First Peoples, the Indigenous Nations, please consider acting now. As the caretakers of Mother Earth, we have an important responsibility to our Mother and to all of her children. We have been the ones chosen by the ancestors to help—we are not here by coincidence; the people of all cultures are waiting. We are all a very special group of loving caring people that nurture all things peacefully with the love and respect for all of creation. We are the ones that have chosen to be here in these very special times. We are the ones that we, and the world, have been waiting for”.
“We feel that many cultures will stand up with us and honor the ways of nature, of our Indigenous Wisdoms. We feel that the time is now, and that with this wisdom and good timing, through sharing this knowledge, we will heal many”.
Bennie“BlueThunder” LeBeau is seeking to visit Australia in March to work with Indigenous Australian Leaders on sharing knowledge and conducting ceremonies to heal the earth. Any financial support to help cover his travel costs would be most appreciated. If you would like to help support BlueThunder’s quest for peace and healing, then please contact Darrel Whitewolf – Ph (08) 8383 6953 or email bluescorpion55@bigpond.com
Download full Blue Thunder article
On reading this letter, I felt compelled to play whatever little part I possibly could, to bring this invitation to the attention of the Aboriginal people. Some of you reading now, may be part of or have important contacts within the Aboriginal community. You may be able to forward this article to someone who can bring this letter to the attention of a tribal elder.
We ALL – both Indigenous and non-Indigenous - have a responsibility now to ‘our Mother and all of her children’. If Blue Thunder’s words resonate with you and you feel that you can do something to assist, please seize the moment. How wonderful it would be to see such a collaboration take place – the coming together of these ancient races with such a purpose in mind. For both non-Aboriginals and Aboriginals themselves, to share in and receive teachings from these Elders, about the ancient sacred wisdom and healing ways, would be a privilege indeed. Hopefully, the insights and enlightenment gained would open our eyes to new ways of how we might begin to care more for each other and this beautiful planet we live on.

As I sit here in the torrential rains of the Tropical wet season, I hope this finds you all well and that you have managed to escape any damage from the extensive flooding and inclement weather throughout the country. From severe drought to severe flooding… Mother Nature is an awesome force!
I shall look forward with great anticipation to seeing how things unfold for Blue Thunder with his sacred mission. If you think you can help in any way, please contact:-
Darrel Whitewolf – Ph (08) 8383 6953
Wishing you, as always,
Much Love and many Blessings,

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