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If drama is no more than character revelation through the force of a pressing/ unavoidable plot - then sequencing (SQ) must surely be focused on the conflicts, contradictions and consequences of the character, each SQ revealing his/ her changing view of herself?  The self-revelation, often painful, that she is - or is becoming - aware of - beyond or contrary to what she thought and hoped. 

Integrity is the price of failure - or of the failure to see.  Integrity as the pillars of that character's world, her self-esteem. 

How many characters' stories are ones of birth & death told simultaneously?  We - the audience - bear intimate witness to a suffering humanity, a sacrifice permitted and suffered.  Why do we rejoice at the death of martyrs like Oedipus at Colonus, Becket or Saint Joan?

Ex 1.  Murder.

3 Assassins. 

Write a 1 page speech for each about the justification and motives for the murder he or she is about to commit.  Focus on subtext - what we see isn't being said, or is trying to be excused.

i.  Who is being killed.

   - Is it Kennedy? Trump?  Raskolnikov? Pavlovich Karamazov?  Lucifer?

     Jeanne d'Arc? (or someone else).

Don't write what you think Oswald thought - but what you would think if you were to do the act of killing.

Ex 2.  Suicide.

The protagonist is a personification of Suicide - who goes to those thinking of it to convince/ tempt (or maybe dissaude) them.

   - Is there Sin in the world of the story?

   - Is there Sin in the act?

i.  Famous Suicide.

Write the arguments for Suicide's visit to a famous suicide in history.

How convincing is the sophistry or logic? 

   - What is the Tone/ Genre?

Is this a nihilistic world - where black humour enriches the story, eliminates the teenage earnestness of death. 

Is Suicide tired of his/ her job?  What if s/he is a composer - trying to finish her symphony but constantly interrrupted and sent out by God.  She's been working on it for centuries.  We get snippets.  Finally we recognise it as Arvo Pärt's Spiegel im Spiegel - the Ending being Suicide hearing the finishing her work only to discover Pärt finished his in 1978. 

Could you imply Pärt was one of her 'jobs' - that she was humming her work when she visited him. 

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