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The Life of an Artist

“Some say she's from Mars

Or one of the seven stars

That shine after 3:30 in the morning

Well she isn't.”…


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The Life of an Artist

“To live in this town you must be tough, tough, tough, tough, tough!

You got rats on the west side

Bed bugs uptown

What a mess this town's in tatters I've been shattered”

The Rolling Stones

That album sure did inspire me to want to move to the city. Made living in New York sound…


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The Life of an Artist

“Ding dong, the witch is dead.”
Wizard of Oz
“Fame, I’m going to live forever!”
Irene Cara
Senior, high school, from the moment I stepped foot onto the school bus, till the time I arrived at the end of the day at my grandma’s there were verbal taunts, goddamned faggot, fucking faggot, freak. I would never back down.
My dad had just killed himself, and yes we did sing a chorus from Wizard of Oz, he was a veritable force in the Chicano…

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The Life of an Artist

"How bleak was my puberty." Agnes Gooch, Auntie Mame.

Just to recap, born early 60s, both parents second marriage, age of Camelot, raised American, entitled to pursue happiness. Self-discovery, awareness, path in life all came pretty early, shocking to my little mind but dealt with it through creativity, focus, empathy, lots of love, and later drugs.

Late 60s, family foundation begins to cave in, slowly, a constant string of negative experiences, bullied regularly,…


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The Life of an Artist

"Who am I? Why am I here?

 Lloyd Bentsen, 1988 vice presidential debate versus Dan Quayle.

When I was a kid, Pre-K, we went on a field trip, the local fire station, I actually got to sit in the driver's seat. I was convinced then that I wanted to be a Fireman, my folks were so proud.

Then in kindergarten, oh I didn't like school, came that day, finger paint. Oh yeah baby. The class was held in a barrack, there was a huge braided rug, what are those…


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Temporary Roomates and Temporary Insanity

An old friend calls, he's in Scottsdale, "I'm having a solo show here, would you mind if I visited you in Santa Fe for a couple of days?" This guy and I have known each other through a mutual friend in NYC for about fifteen years now, we partied together and worked on several pubic art installations as part of a team. Even though we knew each other for a long time, I was never particularly drawn to him, except in the beginning, and then I got to know him very…


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Time On My Side

It's fall in Santa Fe, during the daytime, the sun shines bright, the sky is filled with nothing but endless blue and there is a generous warmth. As the day comes to an end, the cool breeze, the falling light, darkness soon, the chill of night.

Been struggling with the paint these past few weeks, no not really,…


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For the Good Times

Going on a year here in Santa Fe, still in transition mode, uncertain as to whether I should stay, whether or not I want to stay and I do decide to leave where should I head to next?


I am still enchanted by the natural beauty of this city in the mountains, am very happy with my accommodations, have some…


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Sunday Evening, Santa Fe

Sitting alone in the casa, a bad Grateful Dead album playing, a light cocktail, the fan blowing.


This past couple of weeks has been quite a challenge, one that I somehow managed to get through with a little grace and a sense of humor intact.


There is one more week left for my solo show…


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And Just One More Thing

In response to all of the wackerdoodles who are obsessed with denying that I can be Gay and filled with True love for another living man, I grew up with straight folks, mother, father, times were tough, was not abused, went to church regularly, God fearing youth and you know what, I knew that I was Gay since about three years old.

We all knew that I was alive and accepted. I…


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I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, Solo Exhibit, El Zaguan, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Max-Carlos Martinez

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

A Solo Exhibition

El Zaguan

545 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501

July 8 through July 23

Opening reception July 8, 5pm-8pm


The work on view is from an ongoing series that explores…


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Summertime and the Living is Wheezy


Monday morning, Santa Fe, two major forest fires burn nearby. The skies are filled with smoke, dust and clouds, the air quality is greatly diminished as is the implacable natural light that has aroused many an artist's inspiration.


Spent the weekend without a work in process, this caused…


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The Smoke From Arizona

Nine month in Santa Fe, nine months ago I left the City.

Sure I did not know what to expect, had never really spent much time in this mountain city. It definitely is spectacular here,

everyday I am surprised to find some new facet of nature exploding in front of me, although there is a dreary period…


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Eve of the Apocalypse



A couple of weeks ago there was a youtube video of some guy losing it on the NY subway. His rant continued till he had stripped himself naked, started threatening peaceful passengers and was eventually tackled to the ground by New York's finest. In the clip I spotted one rider who sat there through…


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Santa Fe Spring

Santa Fe, Saturday morning, Easter weekend.


How long have I been here now? Eight months, do I miss NYC, not necessarily, would I return anytime soon? Uh no.

Now that the winter is finally finished a rather amazing spring season has begun, the seemingly dead vegetation begins

churning out blossoms…


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Six Months Later

       February, the snows melting, the desert heat begins to rise, sun shining brightly illuminating the studio. My focus has been

renewed and I am painting daily. Had a visitor from NY, one of my best friends, was so sweet that he came to check on me. We drove around the generous countryside, awe, breathtaking,…


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Winter in the Rockies

January 2011, new year, fresh start. Am not experiencing any withdrawal symptoms after having left the big city. It almost feels like I am on some sort of sojourn or retreat. Sunday morning, Santa Fe, sun shining, that light begins pouring in through the high windows, that light that will fill my apartment throughout the…


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Snow and Show in Santa Fe


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