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Just a note about titles: when we complete and photograph the artworks, mostly drawings and paintings, we just a assign a number and year for our records.  When we exhibit or sell a piece, we name it. 

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Several years ago I discovered Musescore where I can compose music.  Check out my Saxophone Quartet. https://musescore.com/user/167882

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The Last Fifteen Drawings of 2015

Edna Casman and Chuck Dunbar finished their final 2016 drawings for a total of 79 drawings.  We continue to laugh at the surprising and unexpected images we turn out.  We hope you get a chuckle too.  Don't forget the drawings only cost $195 each for the first one and $150 for each subsequent drawing.  You don't have to buy them at the same time to take advantage of this great offer.  The customer pays shipping, but it's only paper!

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Eleven New Drawings from Edna Casman & Chuck Dunbar

Eleven more drawings from Edna Casman and Chuck Dunbar. If I haven't written about our drawings, I need to point out that the drawings are not abstract.  We don't begin with an image in mind.  We start with a few marks and build on those.  However, an image needs to reveal itself to us.  If that doesn't happen early in the drawing process, the drawing isn't successful.  (I'm aware that you may not think any of these drawings is successful, but we have submitted them to the usual peer review…


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8 New Collaborative Drawings from Chuck Dunbar and Edna Casman

We continue to work on the drawings less a few weeks off for vacations.

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Nine More Drawings from Chuck Dunbar and Edna Casman

We continue to work.  I particularly liked the Whale Vomiting.  We like them all.  We throw away the ones we don't like.  We show the drawings and paintings at a local venue.  Occasionally we snag a sale.

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Nine More Drawings from Chuck Dunbar and Edna Casman

More drawings.  There seems to be no end in sight after working together for nine years.  I'm 72; Edna's 80.  We just keep on truckin' baby, just keep on truckin'.  No time to waste, no time to waste. Tack more paper on the wall.  Get out another canvas.  'cause there ain't no time to waste.  (Blues lyrics that I'll set to music.)

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New Work & Musescore

Eight more collaborative pastel drawings from Edna Casman and me.

On another front, with the help of Musescore I'm writing music.  Musescore is free to download and not to difficult
to learn to use.  You can hear some of what I've done so far by going to https://musescore.com/user/167882.

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Seven new drawings

Edna and I have been working regularly.  We sold one of the drawings a few weeks back.  The purchaser was an artist.  In fact all the twenty or so collaborative drawings we've sold, but for one or two, have been to artists.  We are pleased with that.  Somebody out there understands the fun we're having.

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Hello all.  Just a note to tell you all I've added some recent collaborative paintings and drawings.  Edna Casman and I have been working together about  eight years.  We had to pause for a month or so while Edna had a hip joint replacement. Now we are back at it.

Also I've been having fun with Musescore.  Take a hear.

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Recent Collaborative Paintings

Here are some recent collaborative paintings I've done with Edna Casman.  They're from last summer, which makes "recent" relative. 

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Gilded Frame Paintings

AFTER many days of work to solve seemingly simple technical problems, we finally got our ideas into finished form, the Gilded Frame Paintings.  I didn't post any of the work leading up to the these images.    After some work in paper mache (not shown yet), we made some high relief images in wet clay and cast them in plaster of Paris.  It seemed like the right thing to do, so we just kept making and manipulating the plaster shapes - making more of them, breaking them up, gluing them back…


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Edna Casman and Charles Dunbar Finish Their Painting Project

EDNA and I finished our painting project the morning of March 24th.  At the end of February, 2010, we decided to give collaborative painting another try.  We hadn't been very happy with our earlier attempts.  This time we agreed to complete 100 paintings trying to stay closer to the feel of the drawings.  We usually meet once a week to work together, but since January, 2011, we've been working twice a week.  In about 56 weeks we completed 101 paintings.  I've…


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Children's Art

Children’s art has always inspired me.  I can remember my own childhood when my own productions brought me intense joy.  I learned more about children’s art when I was assigned to teach an undergraduate class of elementary education students, while I was a graduate student in painting in the early 1970‘s.  The text for the course was Lowenfeld's 1947 Creative and Mental Growth, which may still be the key text for…


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Painting Project by Edna Casman & Chuck Dunbar

Edna Casman and I are about sixty paintings into an experiment to find a joint painting style, one within which we both can comfortably work.  (Just a reminder.  Until now all the drawings that appear on my Art Review location are collaborative drawings with Edna Casman.)  The experiment began mid February, 2010, and continues.  Having already unsuccessfully tried painting collaboratively three or four times, we…


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