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My solo show next month!

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New American Landscape

Press Release:


Las Manos Gallery
5220 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 728-8910
Opening Reception, May 7th 7pm-11pm

New American Landscape is a diverse group show consisting of works from the 27 artists represented in the book “New American Landscape” to be published in May by Sprocketbox Entertainment. The works of these artists…

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The Evidence Against Us

For Immediate Release:

Las Manos Gallery

5220 N. Clark Street

Chicago, IL 60640

Tel: (773) 728-8910

Sat - Sun 12-5 or by appt.

Email: info@lasmanosgallery.com


Representing local and international, established and emerging

contemporary artists.

April 2 - April 30 :

"The Evidence Against Us"

Local and international contemporary artists examine our affect on the

environment and the… Continue

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The Neo-Nostalgia Movement is Upon Us!

Neo-Nostalgic is a term recently given to works of art that deal with antiquity, faux antiquity, desires for the past, or reinvention of ideas, concepts, or artifacts from the past in artistic representation.

This group is being posed to unite together artists and collectors interested or currently engaged in this theme of artistic motivation. Together, we can curate shows, discuss techniques, gather works for publication, and gain notoriety for ourselves and our… Continue

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New American Landscape deadline extention!

New American Landscape deadline extension

Great news! If you haven't yet submitted your work, there is still time! We have extended the deadline for submissions to the end of the year. December 31st 2009 is the new and final date! It is still free to submit until you are chosen (see original post for details). With the work we have so far, we are beginning to understand some of the unique directions artists are taking this subject. We encourage any and all submissions and are really… Continue

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Art Shows in the near future...

Future shows for 2009 through 2010

My art work has recently gained some very welcome recognition this year and has thankfully been selling to a few collectors! I wanted to give an update on future shows I will be participating in this and next year. So here is what I have so far:

December 2009

Las Manos Gallery

5220 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 773-728-8910

2009 Retrospect featuring artists that are currently represented by the… Continue

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7013 Studio Art Show

Come to 7013 Studio (7013 N. Sheridan Rd. Chicago, IL 60626) Friday, September 11th for an opening reception! It's a group show, and my painting "Armature" will be there for sale for the first time in a gallery. See you there!
David Downs

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Etsy shall be my friend...

I just started a shop on Etsy at http://davidpauldowns.etsy.com. I am going to see if I can sell my paintings on the site.

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Square Foot Show in Chicago...

New review just posted on www.sprocketbox.com! It's a review on the recent Square Foot Show at The Galaxie in Chicago. There's photos and video from the opening night! I hope you get a chance to check it out.

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I've been totally busy lately. I am teaching at the Galaxie and Noyes Cultural Arts Center, and trying to get a portfolio done for Wizard World, and I really need to get some more music made, and I really want to try and enjoy a day of relaxation, and I want to write some more articles for Sprocketbox, and.... huh.... breathe.... need to breathe.... I really want to slow down, and at the same time, speed up. Is this possible?

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Square Foot Show at the Galaxie!

The Galaxie is hosting it's annual Square Foot Show Saturday, June 7th. All the artists who participated received a 12"x12" canvas to paint for the show. I will have a piece up on display, and I hope everyone can come and see it and all the other great art work! I will also be writing a story on the show, so I will be taking lots of photos for Sprocketbox.com. Go to www.galaxiechicago.com for more info.

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Compliant Show

I have a band called COMPLIANT and we have a show March 21st. Here is a flyer for the show if you want to come. You can hear our music at http://compliant.davidpauldowns.com . I hope to see you there!

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Not dark, really...

This site is such a great place to see new artwork in so many different styles. I feel greatful for every comment I get about my paintings, but I do think it's funny how people always comment on them as being dark. Not just here, but everywhere people see them. I guess I will just have to accept it, and maybe it's a possitive thing. They are not really meant to be dark. I really enjoy seeing infrastructures exposed. Whether it be buildings, the bindings of books, or boats, or whatever, they are… Continue

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about Sprocketbox.com

Sprocketbox.com is due in full release in February, 2008! Chicago's art scene really needs more press. The current gallery guides are not informative enough and lack real emersion into what is going on in this city. There is so much art here and no one is really talkng about it. Hopefully I can help change that with Sprocketbox. Our extensive gallery listings include all areas of Chicago and includes alternative spaces as well. We have eliminated listings that do not show contemporary art on a… Continue

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