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In the art scene resemblance kills

It is a widely known fact that contemporary art is open to all kinds of speculation. Currently Turkish art scene witnesses a peculiar incident in that viewers have noted a resemblance between Burçak Bingöl’s and Ai Wei Wei’s works.

Everything started when Ai Wei Wei created a surveillance camera and displayed it in London’s…


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Warhol’s beauties and celebrities come to life in Istanbul


This June, Istanbul will see Andy Warhol films and Polaroid for the first time. The iconic contemporary artist’s works will be seen at Istanbul’s Galerist. The curator of the show Geralyn Huxley and Andy Warhol Museum director Eric Shiner speak to Hürriyet Daily News about Warhol and what the viewers should expect from this revolutionary show


Once Andy Warhol said: “I only wanted to find great people and let them be…


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Reflecting reality, system: An analysis of a Delier exhibtion

Until April 23

According to the German philosopher Martin Heidegger, a work of art gives an audience a starting point (punchline) to think about the “reality” and the “thing,” because Heidegger considers the reality of art as “the coming of reality.” The concept of “approaching reality” occurs in the work of art.


Not every work of art reflects reality onto the audience. Hence, the fine line between the “hard-boiled…


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When Erkmen collides space and time with identity

As an artist, Ayşe Erkmen is destined to discover the potential of empty spaces and walls and place spectators in front of them. Because Erkmen can create a masterpiece by using empty spaces and walls. The space is an experience for her.…


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An exhibition on deconstruction of all traditions and missing them at the same time

Hüseyin Chalayan likes to play with the meanings of identity and its perceptions. While he tries to create different perceptions for identity, he opens new dimensions for the meaning of identity and he walks in a platform that comes from past but also belongs to the future and present. He deconstructs and then again constructs the identity, past, present and future. Chalayan also adds the concept of immigration into his process of questioning the identity and as a result, creates multi-room…


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Luo Qing and his dark world

Luo Qing and his dark world

Until March 12

French writer Michel Houellebecq writes in his first book “Extension du Domain de la Lutte: “I do not like this world. I do not like it. The society in this world makes me sick.”

Luo Qing may be among the few…


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The purest condition of video art reflects real life

Interview with Ali Kazma, Turkish video artist-received Nam June Paik Award in 2010

Ali Kazma is in pursuit of a discovery of the human condition. The Turkish video artist, who received the Nam June Paik Media Art Award this year, is aiming to better understand the production of the world while…

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Deafening silence of evil faces rises at Casa Dell’Arte

The new exhibition of Selahattin Yıldırım at the Casa Dell’Arte has an exclusive way to communicate with viewers.

Glancing at Yıldırım’s drawings on white canvass, they might not… Continue

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Developing the art scene in Istanbul

Istanbul needs a revolution in terms of art. Even though there are many developments in terms of art, it is not enough for people who like to live with art.

The lack of art spaces is a significant problem for everyone in the city. However, the most significant gap is with independent art spaces in Istanbul.

All the independent art spaces are trying to fund their own exhibitions. They are trying to do something by themselves. However, in other countries those kinds of… Continue

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Questioning the current situation in Turkey via art

On Jan. 13, 1898, the Parisian literary newspaper l’Aurore (The Dawn) published a 4,000-word article by French novelist Emile Zola, written in the form of an open letter to the president of France, entitled “J'Accuse!” (I Accuse!). The novelist blamed the government for injustice and inequality in society.…


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