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Solo exhibition '50/25'

You can view some pictures of the previous solo exhibition in Cypres Gallery (Louvain) here.

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Lu Yanzhi (A Chinese Architect trained in Cornell University)

Lu Yanzhi was one of the most significant of China's so-called "first generation" (di yidai) of architects who received their architectural training abroad between ca. 1915 and 1935, and then returned to China to practice. Lu is most renowned for two major commissions, the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing and the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Guangzhou (Canton), both completed after Lu's untimely death due to sickness in 1929.…


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A New Place

still testing...seems lovely..but a little bit slow..

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victoria station - Art?

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john's first blog on artreview.com

Blog for blogs sake

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Sadie Coles HQ x3

By James Westcott

...actually Sadie Coles HQ currently has no less than four exhibitions on the go at various locations in London, but I haven't made it to the real HQ recently, which remains the cramped space upstairs on Heddon Street.

To supplement the Matthew Barney exhibition about to close at the Serpentine, Sadie Coles HQ hired out a space in East London for an extra project.

But don't go expecting an…


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Down at Fraggle Rock with Sarah Sze

By James Westcott

If you want to be beguiled, spend some time with Sarah Sze's insanely detailed and delicate microcosmic city at Victoria Miro. Fred Sandback-like string slices through the space, connecting a narrative and directing the eye through a series of satellite villages consisting of lamps, chairs, forests of upturned screws, sawn-off little branches, fans, dangling… Continue

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Serpentine Experiment Marathon: Part 2

Here's the end of Gustav Metzger's presentation:

Here's Cerith Wyn Evans doing a Small Hand Dance:… Continue

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Serpentine Experiment Marathon: Part 3

As night set in, and with all pavilion lights shut down, Paul Fryer and his scientist collaborator Colin Dancer presented their Star in a Jar -- a machine that produced something close to nuclear fusion right before your eyes, a small powerful light burning at something like a million degrees in the middle of a glass globe. Dancer pointed out that your TV contains similar wonders – the cathode ray television works off a particle accelerator – but because we've converted this into technology, we… Continue

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Christoph Büchel and the limits of artist soveriegnty

By James Westcott

A federal judge in Springfield, Massachussetts has given permission for Mass MoCA to show the mega installation by Christoph Büchel, Training Ground for Democracy, that has literally been under wraps -- tarpaulin ones -- for the past several months after Buchel abandoned… Continue

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Open Ateliers / Open Artist Studio's # 06

Together with 40 in Ghent established Visual Artists I'll take part at the 6th edition of 'Open Ateliers'.

On Saturday the 13th of October my studio will be open for the general public between 16h.00 and 22h.00 and from 21h.30 there will be a party downstairs.

The next day Sunday the 14th of… Continue

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Behind the scenes

My studio is located in Ghent, more specified in block E of the Leopold Barracks. Pictures of my studio can be viewed… Continue

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50/25 events

I will be participating at 50/25, a collective exhibition that will take place from the 27th of July till the 5th of August 2007 in and around the Halfmaartstraat into the city of Louvain (be).

Participating artists:


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Solo exhibition 'Landscaping'

You can view some pictures of the previous solo exhibition in the Norbertijner Chapel (Ghent) here.

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as blogs go...

in order to devote more time to an empty canvas I'm not going to write any more here. 24.05.08

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Willie Doherty: PASSAGE by Ozkan Canguven

Willie Doherty: PASSAGE at Alexander and Bonin Gallery

January 6 to February 10, 2007

In his videos and photographs, the Irish artist Willie Doherty uses themes of representation, memory, identity, and surveillance by making references to his native Northern Ireland since the early 1980s. The Alexander and Bonin Gallery is presenting his two new videos, Passage and Empty.

Passage is single-channel installation; the video was shot in an empty field at night and… Continue

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An Armory Diary by Ozkan Canguven

An Armory Diary

Originally I was going to write about the 2006 Academy Awards ceremony and the films that I have recently seen, but another red carpet event in which I participated last week and my outrage about the most boring Academy awards for years—which gave an award to the untalented Reese Witherspoon and did not recognize the surprising and groundbreaking film Brokeback Mountain—led me to reconsider my subject.

Adrian Brody, Glenn Close, Steve Martin, Bill Paxton, Will… Continue

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Emily Jacir: accumulations by Ozkan Canguven

Emily Jacir: accumulations

February 26 – April 9, 2005

Alexander and Bonin

132 Tenth Avenue between 18th and 19th

Since the first time I saw Emily Jacir’s “Where We Come From” piece in the 2003 Istanbul Biennial, I have tried to catch up with her old works and look forward seeing the new ones. Her current show “accumulations” at her new gallery Alexander and Bonin gave me chance to do both with two new pieces; “Inbox (2004-2005)” and “Ramallah/New York,… Continue

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PETER HUJAR by Ozkan Canguven

“Peter Hujar”

Peter Hujar is still unknown to many art lovers, but he is definitely one of the masters of modern photography who has his own unique technique of photographing life, death, and the gray area in between. “Peter Hujar,” an exhibition at P.S 1, gives us a chance to see known and never-before-shown photographs in Hujar’s first American museum exhibition since 1990. If you haven’t encountered Hujar’s personal photographs yet, this is a good place to begin.

The… Continue

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