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College / University
govt college of art chandigarh india
August 6, 1979
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If you're an artist, what kind of art do you make?
Digital, Drawing, Painting, Photography
I am...

Born July, 6 1955, Ratainda, Distt. Nawanshahar, Punjab

Qualification: Diploma (Five Years) in Applied Art, from the Govt. College of Art, Chandigarh, 1979
Recognised by the All-India Council for technical education New Delhi
Equivalent to the master’s degree in applied Art
Panjab University, Chandigarh.

1980-1983 All India Exhibition of Original Drawing’s
1981 Chandigarh Lalit Kala Academy Award, 1981
1986 58th All India AIFACS Award,
1990-96 All India Exhibition of Art Award by IAFA, Amritsar,
1991 63rd All India AIFACS Award
1992-1996 All India Exhibition, Himachal State Museum, Shimla
1993 Annual Exhibition Award Punjab LKA Chandigarh, 1993
2002-03 Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademy & AIFACS Award, 2002-
2004 4th Northern Region camlin Art Exhibition Award
(Professional Category, Mixed Media)

1978, 1980,1986,1991,1997,2000 All India AIFACS, New Delhi.
1978, 1983,1987,1988,1991,1994,1996,1999,2007,2008 All India Exhibition by Indian Academy of Fine
Art, Amritsar.
1979-1980,1981, 1983, 1992 National Exhibition of Art, New Delhi
1980,1981,1983,1985 All India Exhibition of Drawings by Govt. Museum & Govt. College of Art Chandigarh.
1987-1989, 1992,1996 Annual Exhibition of State Museum, Shimla
1995 All India Drawing Exhibition, PLKA & NZCC
2003 Octave India, Fine Art Museum, Punjab Univ. Chandigarh.
2004 Octave India, LKA, New Delhi.


1980-1982 Annual Exhibition by PLKA
1982 Annual Exhibition, Punjab University, Chandigarh
1985,1989,1990,1991,1993 (Invited Section),1995 by PLKA Chandigarh
1987 Chandigarh invited Artist Exhibition by NZCC
1988 Kurukshetra Dev. Board at Hotel Mount View, Chandigarh.
1990 Graphic Print Exhibition by INDIVIDUALS, Jammu
1990 Himachal Academy of YMCA Hall Shimla.
1991 Chandigarh Artists Exhibition, Museum Hall, Chandigarh.
1991 Mobile Exhibition by PLKA at Hoshiarpur, Faridkkot and Malerkotla, New Delhi.
1992 National Exhibition of Drawings Organised by ‘Solids Chandigarh
1993 Painting Exhibition of PLKA New Delhi by PLKA
1993 Sirjana -93
1997,1978, 1980 graphic Print exhibition with group-8 at LKA,
New Delhi & Govt. Museum & Art Gallery Chandigarh.
1997 Nirantar Kala workshop cum Exhibition of Art at Punjab Kala Bhawan, Chandigarh

1979 Carol Summer Print Making workshop : Govt. College of Art Chandigarh and U.S.
International Communication Agency New Delhi at Chandigarh.
1993 Painters Camp at Naggar Kullu Manali by NZCC
1997 All India painters camp at Kud Paatnitop organised by
J&K Akademi of Art Culture and Language Jammu (J&K) from 7-16 June 1997
2001 AIFACS All India Senior Artists Camp, New Delhi.
2001 Three days Artist Camp at Andretta, Kangra (H.P.) Birth centenary of Sir Sobha Singh organised by North Zone Cultural
Centre, Patiala November 2-7, 2007
2003 National Painters Camp at Peterhoff, Shimla, organised by NZCC and Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, 6-10 August 2003
2008 National Painters Camp at Hotel Casino, Willington Island Kochi, Kerala (cgh earth
experience) reg. from September 05th to 14th 2008

1991 Painting Workshop by Chandigarh LKA in Chandigarh.
1993 Art for Hospital’ Camp of PGI Chandigarh.
1995-1996 Artist Camp at Mukatsar, Distt. Faridkot, Punjab
1996 Nirantar Kala Workshop” Punjab Kala Bhawan, Chandigarh.
2002 Drawing Workshop by Lalit Kala Academy on the premises of govt. College of Art,

1983- Govt. Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh - Architectural space.
1989- Govt. Museum and Art Gallery Punjab University, Patiala. - Drawing Untitled.
1989- North Zone Culture Centre, Patiala - Drawing Untitled
1989 Semi conductor Ltd. Chandigarh. - Collage _Untitled 1 & 2
1991 - North Zone Culture Centre, Patiala - Drawing Untitled
1992- Lalit Kala Akademi Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi. - Untitled - 33
1995- HP State Academy of Art, Culture & Languages, Shimla. (H.P.), Mother & Daughters
1995-97 Himchal State Museum. Shimla - Drawing Serenity
1999- Freemans, Ludhiana. - Landscape
2004- Elevation Advertising Private Limited Chandigarh -Waterfall
2006- VLC Tutorials Private Limited Chandigarh - SunBath

1973- Planners consortium Chandigarh - apprentice architectural draftsman & perspective maker
1978-1979 Planners de moderne’ Chandigarh & Kenya as perspective maker
and Interior designing & Display
1977-1979, Marketing Advertising Circle, Chandigarh as Graphic Artist.
1979-1980 Haryana Financial Corporation, Chandigarh as a publicity Assistant
1980-1981 Mass Communications Associates, Chandigarh as Visualizer.
1981-1982 Alfred Allan Advertising, New Delhi as Graphic Artist.
1982 Lintas India, New Delhi, as Graphic Artist, on Contract basis.
1982-198 Marketing Mix Group India Limited, Chandigarh as Senior Visualizer.
2000-2004 Elevation Advertising Private Limited as Art Director.

PAPERAGE INC. (Advertising & Printing)
Basement 2006, Sector 15-C,
Chandigarh - 160015.
Phone: 0172-2772040, Mobile: 098880-23853
Email: prabhinderlall@ymail.com
Web Site: www.prabhinderlall.com
About my artwork

When Mathematics (the science of magnitude and number, and of all their relations) is introduced into noise (an over-loud or disturbing sound), the latter becomes Music. When Music (the art of expression in sound, in melody, and harmony, including both composition and execution) is breathed into prose (matter-of-fact spoken and written language), the latter becomes Poetry (the musical art of sound and sense). An unseemly array of unrelated sights gives birth to a Painting or a Drawing when it is fertilised by the sperm of Poetry: a form of superior order imposed on a jumble of confused images expressed in rhythm and metaphor.

70% of our apprehension of the (outer) world is by means of the faculty of seeing engaged in everyday encounter with ever-changing visual images. When we are able to make sense out of a chaos of sights we are apparently involved in the act of drawing our own impressions of them on the canvas of our minds. By this token, as Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy has succinctly stated, an artist is not a special kind of an individual, but rather every individual is a special kind of an artist.

Although Art is human skill and agency (opposed to Nature) yet Art is the natural endowment of all humankind. In other words, Art is an accurate index of sublime Humanity. No wonder, in Indian mythology, the chief avataras (reincarnations) of Lord Vishnu [The Sustainer God in the Hindu Trinity], Rama and Krishna, are credited with the power of having complete mastery of 14 and 16 arts, respectively. This brief exposition should be helpful in cultivating a holistic appreciation of Art, in general; and in viewing the work of Prabhinder Lall, in particular.

I would like to first identify the factors which have been responsible in shaping this Artist’s aesthetic sensibility in order to uncover all that is “special” in his Art. Though born in district Nawanshahar (Punjab), Prabhinder Lall was brought up in Chandigarh from a very young age, and received his schooling and art education here. Chandigarh is distinguished not only as a harbinger of Modern Urbanism in the world, but also as the “City Beautiful” with a creative climate sprung from an ambience distilled from its three planning postulates of Sun, Space, and Verdure, as enunciated by Le Corbusier, the world’s greatest Architect-Artist since Michelangelo. Prabhinder Lall has assimilated a good measure of the stated Elements in his psycho-biological system. These Elements slowly and steadily found their apt formulations in his mind by a constant exposure to the work of his architect father, RS Lall, who has contributed significantly to the building of Chandigarh in terms of brilliant architectural designs.

Architecture is by far the most comprehensive of all fields of human endeavour. That’s why it has been called the “Mother of All Arts”. Its Elements: Space, Structure, and Form are such as are inescapably present in all forms of Creativity. Chandigarh’s hallowed holism and what he received from his home environment are Prabhinder Lall’s chief endowments which make him a “special kind of an artist” as an “individual” twice blessed.
I have carefully picked up some of the most representative of his works done between 1980 and 2008 to view Lall’s artistic growth in terms of his response (albeit, unconscious) to Chandigarh’s creative climate, the development of skills, and the maturing of his perception of the visual metaphor. The reader/viewer will do well to contemplate his other works, included in this brochure without any comment, in the light of the foregoing exposition and the critique that follows.

The work dated 1989, “Untitled”, done in acrylic and ink on paper, speaks volumes for a jubilant derivation of the subject-matter from the salubrious environs of Chandigarh. The two cylindrical columns, bold and massive as they are, bear kinship with the monumental portals of the High Court building designed by Le Corbusier. The off-white wall against which they appear underscores the importance of Space in the architectonics of Creativity––as much of the Built-Environment as of the painted canvas. The central feature, an irregularly-outlined painting, reminds one of how
Le Corbusier made Art an integral part of Modern Architecture. The foreground is a nebulous agglomeration indicating the exciting Act of Creation rather than the created artefact. The left-side column is sheared along with a poster stuck on it––to underscore the urge to sever human aesthetic sensibility from the placental membranes of the environment which have given birth to it. The whole work pulsates with a superior order such as is the raison d’ etre of all sensible existence.

In “Mother and Daughter” (1993) Lall experiments with the use of air-brush. The air-brush was the tool which he was using during his Training in Applied Art. The figures are realistic, but delicately stylised. Here the Sun (symbolised by the vast sky) is predominant. The hills and the water-body, and the brick inclined wall are all familiar images of the Chandigarh ambience. It is an uncluttered orderly work. Human figures depict the urge for kinship with Humanity.

“Feminine Beauty” (1998), done with ink on canvas, shows skilfully the inherent human urge for an uninhibited appreciation of all aesthetic enchantment that the human female casts on the male psyche. The leaves, along with the exposed breasts, fill the hard-edged reality of manmade environment. The shadow of the figure on an incompletely-built wall is reminiscent of Le Corbusier’s “Tower of Shadows” which forms part of the Chandigarh’s Capitol Complex. The planes suggest Space; the blank background, the Sun; and the leaves, the Verdure––in artistically-transmuted visual imagery.

2004 Work, done in acrylic and ink on paper, divides the rectangle into six squares. Each has the ambience of a sky charged with the energy of newborn stars. Each is differently rendered, with focus on the middle part bathed in luminescence. The squares are held together by the boldly-bordered container rectangle, but related to each other by their identical geometric shape. This manmade-natural relationship between the elements of Creativity is heightened by the presence of carefully-sited straight lines, horizontal in each of the two left side squares, on the right side. This breaking of the pictorial space is not unlike the splitting of the nucleus––in order to unleash elemental energy that creates a myriad forms, endlessly.

“Vanishing Green” (2006), done in acrylic colours, extends Lall’s repertoire to refreshing new vistas of artistic perception. Combining the geometrical shapes with bravura of brushwork, he conjures up images of Modern Urbanism with its characteristic fast-paced life-style steeped in colourful confusion. I see in this work the important fact of transition from the regimented stylisation of his earlier works to the gay abandon of a highly-relaxed method of painting. The former warrants utmost executive control, the latter exploits an utter lack of it. One ends up in mechanical precision; the other expresses savage spontaneity.

“Sun Bath” is a very large board, which has been painted in oil colours. The exaggerated size is chosen to provide a vast arena for some kind of activist painting. The relatively small size of the Sun-Bather heightens the scale of the surrounding landscape. The brilliant hues, which accentuate the open (and somewhat sombre) environs, express joie de vivre that springs forth automatically, once conscious control is suspended in favour of the unique playfulness of the Act of Creation. Patches of sea and sky turn the landscape into an island which suggests that Life is a signature of an individual’s uniqueness, and achieves its zesty fullness only when it is cut off from all mundane existence.

This work marks a turning point in Prabhinder Lall’s career, and arouses one’s hope of seeing him explore exiting new horizons of significant Creativity in the years to come.

Principal (retd.), Chandigarh College of Architecture;
AIFACS-Honoured Veteran Artist
Ex-Dean, Faculty of Design & Fine Arts, Panjab University;
& Former Official Art Critic of The Tribune, Chandigarh.
E-MAIL: ssbhatti24@yahoo.com
PHONE: +91-172-2773258 [R]
Centre of the artworld:
New York, London, LA, Berlin, Beijing, my studio, online, nowhere and everywhere, another city

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At 22:41 on December 18, 2009, Susanne Alm said…
all the best wishes for christmas and the new year prabinder....... xxSuse
At 22:40 on December 18, 2009, Susanne Alm said…

At 15:20 on October 5, 2009, Anna Fabiani said…
Grazie per l'attenzione e per la tua amicizia, bella la tua frase finale. Se vuoi conoscermi meglio puoi visitare la mia pagina http://annafabiani.ning.com ti aspetto con piacere e complimenti per i tuoi lavori
Un abbraccio
At 17:26 on May 4, 2009, Susanne Alm said…
Hello Prabinder, thank you very much! Many here do not even answer now, when one sends information about the work..Is a bit silent in artreview now. I really hope that will change again. You changed something too, didnt you? Your colours are very harmonic and positive...love that. xx Suse
At 8:54 on April 23, 2009, Thomas Ziorjen said…
The link to your site doesn't work -- you've spelled your domain name wrong. Would like to see larger images of your work.

At 8:37 on April 13, 2009, Susanne Alm said…
hello prabhinder, thank you for the friends request, -- looked at your work and found espetially the lall-catalogue -photos very fascinating. xxSusanne
At 13:35 on March 21, 2009, Jackie Pentalioti said…
I like your work. very interesting.
At 8:26 on March 20, 2009, Chantal Powell said…
Hi Prabhinder its - www.chantalpowell.com. Thanks.
At 9:17 on March 7, 2009, ART & ARTISTS LA said…

Open to all artists in all fine arts media we seek to recognize outstanding quality and diversity in the arts.

The 2009 IJC is open to all artists worldwide, age 18 and older. All works must be original. Entries in the following medias will be accepted: Painting, Drawing, Mixed media, Printmaking, Watercolor, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Photography.

Entry Deadline March 15th 2009.


A solo show next winter 2009 at Bluebird Art House and $1500 to the winner. 1 work in the show for each one of the 3 runner up.

To receive the Submission Form and bases




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