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Conceptual, Digital, Painting, Photography
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An Artist Living and working in Montana
About my artwork
Artist Statement:

Living and working in Montana has many challenges and rewards for me as an artist. The natural beauty of Montana is unmatched by any attempt to reproduce it’s majestic and scenic beauty by any tool an artist like myself might use. The best I can hope for is a work of art that reflects my feelings about the landscape. I spend a great deal of my time living and working in the wilderness for the National Park Service in Glacier National Park and as an artist this helps me to understand the quietness of this place and places like it-- places where cell phones don’t work and where you can think and breathe. Today the isolation of the wilderness that has been Montana has been broken by modern communications, cell phones and the internet; the great distances to the major cities are now just a mouse click away on the information highway. Yet the very environment, the natural environment that attracted me and so many visitors to the region is under a relentless attack by unplanned as well as by poorly planned development, which threatens to destroy Montana’s uniqueness and beauty. The qualities that attracted so many of us to this place and places like it are being replaced by the development of new Box Cities paved with endless parking lots throughout Montana and America. Development that we have come to believe we need and miss so much that we want it here-- here in Montana. The very place we came to escape the sameness that has overtaken the landscape across an America of endless McDonalds, Strip Malls and Big Box Stores has grown into new cities and towns not built to live and walk in, but to drive to. Perhaps this has happened in another way? Developers brought development and products here and we were all told we needed them and we believed the developers and the corporate retailers and sought to have the need for these products. This is in stark contrast to having true needs and then developing products and services to fill our true desires and needs. Two questions I would ask you: Does the new development in Montana and across America fill your needs and can we develop what we want, what we need in a more thoughtful way that will preserve the very qualities of the land we love? Will we miss the sky as much as we missed the city? Escape into the landscape, find a quiet place where cell phones don’t work and think on this for awhile and don’t forget to breathe.

Maybe we will meet on the trail.
Centre of the artworld:
nowhere and everywhere

As a painter

I was looking for something new, that is when I began to experiment with design software. I wanted a way to draw that was fast and changeable. I wanted to make or invent images. What I discovered from trial and error was a mysterious set of images that intrigues me to my artistic core. I still I am not sure what I see in these images, but as an artist I intuitively know that something is there, that these images call too me. I began using the images for painting taking them to yet another level another transition. Then I looked at the images as prints, photographs and found that they offered another medium. Soon I was making digital prints. I really did not know how I felt about the process. It is mechanical, it requires a machine and for me the computer became like a camera and the dark room only far more diverse.
My work, Transgressions of Form is a group of digitally manipulated images of the human form that explore the transitional states of the process of their invention. I wanted to find a new way to generate images, a method that interrupted my preconceived ideas about the figure. At the same time, I wanted to create images that moved me, stimulated my feelings, and my desires about the human form. I began to experiment with a Panorama Maker program that was bundled with printer software and Photoshop. My Idea was to stitch images together not to make a panorama but to make or invent new images from familiar, expected forms. I tried many different kinds of images and found that the nude human figure worked, while other images did not. Starting with various images of the figure, I manipulated them in Photoshop. The simplicity of the human form allowed for the creation of complex images that did not contain too much visual information so as not to overwhelm the limits of the program and the image. As the program reads all digital information in the image and this can result in too much visual detail. The human figure because of its smooth surface and varied positions is less complex digitally and at the same time contains complex variations created by movement that are natural to the figure itself. Taking combinations of manipulated images, I load them into the program and transform them into new images. I would describe the process as random, by chance like using a slot machine. Images of chance that often do not result in successful expectations. Other times the result is an abstraction that stimulates the visual senses of memory about the human form that perhaps recalls hidden, repressed or forgotten memories of human desires of the flesh. Images, about the secrecy and beauty of our own personal experience and our expectations of intimacy with the human figure.

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At 7:43 on November 7, 2008, ART & ARTISTS LA said…

Open to all artists in all fine arts media we seek to recognize outstanding quality and diversity in the arts.

The 2009 IJC is open to all artists worldwide, age 18 and older. All works must be original. Entries in the following medias will be accepted: Painting, Drawing, Mixed media, Printmaking, Watercolor, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Photography.

Entry Deadline February 15th 2009.


A solo show next winter 2009 at Bluebird Art House and $1500 to the winner. 1 work in the show for each one of the 3 runner up.

To receive the Submission Form and bases

At 10:23 on June 4, 2008, Frank Fu said…
Interesting works!
Please check out my site.

Frank Fu
At 19:56 on February 29, 2008, Ainhoa Art said…
I love what you have been saying in the group ''what is art?''. i love the way you think and argue about these artistic points. I completely agree with your points of view, and they have opened up my mind and I have given certain things a lot of thought after what you said. Thank you for contributing to the group :) and I would love to hear more from you. Thanking you David,

Kind Regards,

At 9:22 on February 29, 2008, mike hinc said…
I had an English lecturer once called Ingestina Eubank -
who was actually Swedish and quite famous for her thoughts on Shakespeare. No relation? I've never been to Montana although I know LA and NYC quite well - or did in my youth.
But I'd doubt very much that you had ever been to Ware. I find it odd that we agree about so much. But reassuring. Thanks.
At 1:45 on February 23, 2008, Laura Z said…
I am sorry to hear about your grandma. Mine was a tough old Finnish immigrant who retained her fighting spirit, if not her lucudity, to her last days. She remains one of my greatest role models, and she has bequeathed her belligerance to me. In this respect, she will always be alive and vivacious for me...and in me...No one is ever lost: they just get absorbed into the souls of those who remember, those who love them...

Laura Z
At 8:33 on February 21, 2008, Giulio Baistrocchi said…
i ll try to send positive vibes even if we are not exactly round the corner, as david i m a good listener don t get confused with my bla bla, i still do n t know whu but sonetimes i get silly but for sure i had a lot of fun,but if you ll get to know me i m not generally that eloquent just when i feel it and used to listen more. anyway if you want i m here for you
At 1:11 on February 21, 2008, joe kelly said…
thought i'd leave you with this thought, i am a big fan of this guy, he speaks a lot of sense...enjoy..........
"Hesitancy is so essential to discovery, to further understanding; but how can there be hesitancy when you know so much, when the self-protective armour is so highly polished and all the cracks are sealed from within? line and form become extraordinarily important to those who are in bondage to the sensate; then beauty is sensation, goodness a feeling, and truth a matter of intellection. When sensations dominate, comfort becomes essential, not only to the body, but also to the psyche; and comfort, especially that of the mind, is corroding, leading to illusion" J. krishnamurti, "Commentaries on Living" series 1........ good int it? j
At 1:03 on February 21, 2008, joe kelly said…
hey man, keep your chin up.
and feel free to cut loose if you need to....i'm a good listener
take care mate
ps love the paintings, how big are they? oil/acrylic?
At 10:11 on February 20, 2008, Giulio Baistrocchi said…
Hi Davis if you got time let me know if your family situation get better for the time being i give you all my support
At 11:26 on February 7, 2008, artreview.com said…
Hi David
Welcome to artreview.com. It would be great to see some of your work/projects up here!

Hope you enjoy the site. Also, check out ArtReview:Digital -- it's ArtReview magazine on your screen, and it's FREE


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