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Susanne Alm
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WELCOME -- to my POETRY and ART --

Profile Information

Relationship status
College / University
for architecture the university of applied sciences/diploma 1983 (graduation with "very good" - Prof. Schroeder and Prof. Faust), for art the university in Osnabrueck (Prof. Girke and Prof. Mordmueller) and for educational science and anglistik the University in Muenster
Program / Degree
art and architecture, language and writing, psychology and educational science
Member type
If you're an artist, what kind of art do you make?
Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Video
I am...
artist throughout my entire life. Life formed me to an artist of life and survivalist. My education was powered by the love for art and the innermost want to be artistically expressive in several "languages of art". Closest to my first language "painting and illustrating", is the melody of words, which expresses emotions and describes situations. Educational science/psychology are a constant inspiration - and my beloved architecture I call "another language". All together this "languages" touch the other human being, picture interaction and manipulating power. But they too are so often missused or missunderstood - and end up as a horribly missleaded, hurting or deeply damaging, communication... The influences on - and the change of behaviour as well as the intraction from architectural forms on daily life-structures,the influence on mood and artwork --- all those aspects I try to reflect and give it a positive direction with my art of colour and art of writing.
About my artwork
when I talk about the impulse in painting and drawing, I can say, that it is sometimes simply pushed by the idea of creating a relaxed atmosphere as a counterweight, which causes positive emotion. My own desire for this feeling and for an optimistical view on to life is the base...as it makes life worth living. I love to paint light and airy.....try to catch wind and light, the running and the transitoriness on all levels of being....The development of my tales, parables, poetry, starts with the urgent need to form a message or insight, which can be sad or uplifting. The languages of painting and words work together and mingle - inspire themselves in exchange.
My first poems already came to mind in my early youth. Then I wrote about life, how it pretends to be and how it is in "reality", behind the curtain of official moral and formal correctness. The repeated experiences with this fact didn´t allow ignorance. Parallel I composed poetic fairytales for children, which are grounded on interpersonal insight - and is ment to give helpfull assistance and optimism. The tradition to form the moral and ethic development of a human being by sharing "tales", is an old one. This way children develop their skills to understand and handle life. The tales and parables are done in harmony with my illustrations. --- Some excerpts you can find on my webpage, listed above. My saatchi-webpage also contains some poetry, painting-work and illustrations of several poems, parables and fairy tales. In facebook you will find my studio-page when you search for

My writing-art is not done only for children - I did it as Hans Christian Andersen already did. The homepage for the books for children you will find under follwing link:
Artists I like
I love the poet Hermann Hesse, Heinz Erhardt, Heinrich Böll, Max Frisch, Ingeborg Bachmann ........the painter Chagall, Heinrich Vogeler, Carl Larsson, Aubrey Beardsley, Mucha, Klimt, the sculptor Rodin, and some ancient and contemporary illustrators (Arthur Rackham, Alois Carigiet, Brian Wildsmith, Kazuo Iwamura, Jill Barklem, Lisbeth Zwerger, Janusz Grabianski....). Fauvism, the free use of colour and Art Nouveau, with its fluently lines and its nearness to organic forms and nature, are the ways of expression, that touch me. Some contemporary artists from saatchi gallery and artreview are also on this list.
Varda Sharon Kramer
Ann Burry
Pennie Steel
Jan Lewien Cadogan
Justin Sidney
Otto Holler
Eva Hunte
Henny Adank
Carol Heft
Edwin Grissen
Haidee-Jo Summers
Georgios Cheimonides
Stephanie Deshpande
Ulla Thielenhaus
Linda Hoard
Louise Dionne
Emanuel de Sousa Fernandes
Michael Cross
Randy Richmond
Morwenna Catt
Anne Kullaf
Paul Zandwijk
Sue Mifsud
Elke Trittel
Ellen M. Vieth
John Mc Dermott
Anna Mc Dermott
Jos van Riswick
Patou Majd Fathallah
Audrey Brown
Alexandra Eldridge
Bob Hague
Annette Kearney
Fatat Bahmad
Laihong Liao
Robin Cracknell
Peter Swift
Krivoshein Nikolay
Katherine Aimone
Aaron Pocock
Robert Wade
Pita Vreugdenhil
on first place there will be always my art and writing. But both passions are close to reading, photography, music, architecture, developing designs and concepts, psychological themes and structural coherences in all places, people and .........my family, chilling out, the simple things in life, walking the dog, nature and finding the beauty of life in many places.......My life belongs to my art ....my art developed with my life, so it is not possible to seperate one from another.
What exhibitions are good at the moment?
you might enjoy my albums, blogs and videos. The thumbnails on the right will lead you further.
I am trained to be called "top-author" for a text content firm in Hannover and had several exhibitions and projects with and without children.
Mail to: studio.book-art@gmx.de
Centre of the artworld:
Berlin, my studio, online


(a bit nostalgia, me 1979 ---- 38 years ago

Mein Schneckenhaus...



Mein Schneckenhaus ist bunt und groß

Es lädt auch Leute ein doch bloß

Ist nicht mehr Raum für neidisch Blicke

Und für Gedanken dieser Art


Mein Schneckenhaus es steht nur da

Wo niemand es je finden kann

Es läuft niemand herum und tritt

Auf es – und lacht sich drüber schlapp       


Mein Schneckenhaus es hat die Farben

Die mich erfreun und fröhlich machen

Es ist ne Lust zu schlafen drin

Denn niemand schüttelt Schafe


Und schüttel ich im Traum die Bäume

Bleibt s Schneckenhaus mein liebes Heim

Es lässt mich hörn der Bäume Blätter

Wie sie so fliegen, weit und frei


Mein Schneckenhaus, ich stell es hin

Wo Frieden, Freude, Lachen sind

Ich liebe seine Wände

Bis an mein Ende


SNA 12











Es war eine Idee

Sie kam und ging wie Schnee

Ich wollte, dass sie bleibt

Jetzt ist sie fort, ganz weit


Es war da ein Gedanke

Der war so gut und neu

Ich war mir seiner sicher

Doch ohn ein Wort verblich er


Es war da auch ein Wort von Dir

Bleibt mir im Kopf und nennt sich „Wir“

Ich kann es nicht vergessen

Es ist wohl kaum zu messen


Da war eine Idee

Und es gab auch Gedanken

Doch bleiben tut das „Wir“

Es wohnt in Dir und mir         


SNA 11





It is all in my mind
Our past and the presence
Pictures of you
And me like in heaven

It is all in my heart
This feeling from past
Like a branding forever
yearns for melting together

It is all in my hands
And they do as they need to
It is all in my words
Which fly all right to you

It is all in my eyes,
That see your soul starving
It is all in my ears
That listen your woe

All is closed up with tears
And they seal it forever
They will cover it gentle
Keep and hold it together

SNA 11 






Hektische Luft
Kaum Zeit zu atmen
Drängen voll Enge
Zwang - Angst zu wagen

Schwer – viele Steine
Fallen in Stücken
Drücken und schlagen
Ich kann’ s nicht tragen

Hoffen - ganz unten
Liegend voll Not
Weinend getroffen
Noch nicht ganz tot

SNA 11 

"ART IS A DAUGHTER OF FREEDOM " (Friedrich von Schiller)

"right eye" april 2009


Ich hab es, dieses Gen vom Glück
Das ist von ihm geblieben
Es lässt mich hoffen, weltentrückt
Lässt mich das Leben lieben

Ich denke oft an Dich zurück
An Deinen Trost voll Wärme
So gerne hätte ich Dich noch
Umarmt, in Deiner Leere

Du fehlst mir immer, hatten wir
Kaum Worte zu verschwenden
Wir wussten immer ganz genau
Was wir uns dabei denken

Das Glücksgen meines Vaters ist
Mein Kapital fürs Leben
Ich hab dafür mein ganzes Gut
An andere gegeben.

SNA 10


Ich habe Angst
Vor Mensch wie du
Ich fürchte Dich
Du kalter Schuh

Du trittst mich derb
Hast kein Gefühl
Für mich den Fühler
Der enterbt

Was geht’s dich an
Was mischst Dich ein
Es war mein Leben
Nicht Dein Heim

Ich habe Angst
Vor Mensch wie Du
Halt lieber Abstand
Lauf ohn’ Schuh

Barfüssig ohne Tritt
Macht meine Welt es mit
Zu sein wie sie es sollte
Auch wenn du’s anders wolltest.

SNA 10

(Ein Ermessensrezept - mit Tipps für den widerspenstigen Gourmet )

Man putze die Tat
Mach draus Salat
Würze mit Druck
Gieß drüber Wut

Serviere sie schnell
Dem der bestell
Sag es ist Recht
Er säh nur schlecht

Wird das Gemüse
So nicht gegessen
Hilf einfach nach
Sag: „s´ wird gefressen

Hast keine Wahl
Tat ist Salat
Unrecht ist Recht
Du bist mein Knecht“

Weigert man sich
Dies anzunehmen
Gibt es vom Chef
spezielle Segen

Die es erlauben
Rechte zu rauben
Nichttat zu ahnden
Nach ihr zu fahnden

Solcherart Tat
Heißt heut Ermessen
Ist in der Tat
Rechtlos - Salat

SNA 10


Macht macht süchtig
Auf die Macht
Macht macht mächtig
Ohne Kraft

Macht macht schlecht
Weil sie verführt
Macht will alles -

Macht macht Dich
Zum Instrument
Macht macht, dass man
Dich nur lenkt

Macht spiegelt Dir
Macht nur vor
Macht flüstert Dir
„Mach“ ins Ohr

Macht macht Dich
Zum feigen Schergen
Macht, dass du Dich
Musst verbergen

Macht zerstört
So auf Geheiß
Macht Dich schlecht -
Doch niemals frei

SNA 09

YOU …or Tadschikistan

A man who moved once from country to country
Makes you leave your hometown, avanti avanti
A man who knows just nothing about
Fills up your life with blizzards and clouds

He is under influence of a servant of devil
And listens too much those lies of evil
But what is to change, it is all made up
This servant of devil wants all to be cut

So you have to run, cant go - do it proper
You must do it quick , no time for to offer
The missing words that could correct all
The servant of devil kicks quick you to fall

A man who said once, he always will judge
In listening to both sides and never be tough
This man doesn’t realize that he is in cage
Of servant of devils evil engrave

SNA 10


For your ear
And eye its new
For your soul
Its never true

What I feel
You cant reflect
What I want
You never said

We are not the same
Passion makes you wane
And you fight with hate
For your brutal faith

We are not the same
And I give my living
For your selfish trippings
For this endless game

Message to your ear
Was to always fear
Every word to heart
Quickly put apart

Message now to you
Your truth is not mine
You have to accept that others
Open hearts to love another

SNA 10

Do you hear

Do you hear the melody
Of my thoughts – of my dreams
Do you hear, I yearn for all
Our words that came to fall

Do you hear me freezing
Distant to your soul
Do you hear me leaving
All this nasty howl

Do you listen to the wind
Carrying our voices
Do you watch my butterfly
Sent to you without a cry

Silent is my fear
Silent for you, dear
Butterfly it stripes
With its wings your ear

SNA 10

A mother like no other

A mother like no other
She was a constant bother
As long as you kneeled at her feet
She liked to give you special treat

But be aware when your intention
Is confidence and independence
And when you try to stop to kneel -
Behind your back forms up intrigue

She will feel threatened, causes doubts
And smiles her double – dealing mouth
Allowance is there NOT to leave her
For punishment she has her dealer

The ones who stay and kneel a lifetime
For money and for their own lifestyle
Are now your enemies who assist
To paint all black what you insist

And with her snivel by command
She fools all those who´ s aid she wants
So this betray is patronized
By activated justice - blind

She talks you guilty just to ease
Her never ending negative grease
Relief she never gets from that
This passes on - till you are dead

Those roots of envy and hatred are
neglected frustration by rejected love
This seed nobody wants to see
It finally broke the family tree

SNA 10

Sister of the forked tongue

Together we are strong
Together we speak wrong
But this it does not matter
We live this way much better

We are allowed now to forget
What in our soul needs much regret
We love each other not
Our love was this complot

You copy her refused reflection
You never think about YOUR action
You always try just NOT to see
What all comes after this disaster

And now shes gone and you still try
To cover truth, to keep up lie
And still you are not happy
Your soul knows more, speaks – steady

SNA 10


Wie viel ist genug – oder Wildes Tier



Wie viel ist genug

Wann reicht es auch Dir

Wie oft muss ich fragen

Wann endet die Gier


Wie sehr brauchst du Qual

Wie krank musst Du sein

Schau in den Spiegel

Sieh zu, schau hinein


Wie viel an Verzweiflung

Nährt Deine Gewalt

Was willst Du erzwingen

Bist nicht Gott – wirst auch alt


Wie viel ist genug

Für uns – nicht für Dich

Du verrohst immer weiter

Und bedrohst heiter weiter


Wie viel ist genug

Wenn die Macht wird zum Zwang

Gibt es was, was Dich bremst?

Sucht auf Macht – ganz enthemmt?


Schau in den Spiegel

Schau hin – sieh die Gier

Schutz brauchen wir

Nur vor Dir – wildes Tier.


SNA 11



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hello suse requested friendship

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Hallo Susanne,

wünsche dir noch ein glückliches und erfolgreiches Neues Jahr mit viel kreativen Einfällen und viel Verwirklichung im Künstlerischen!




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