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Relationship status
in a relationship
College / University
B.S., M.A., MFA.,
Program / Degree
Studio Arts, Psychology, Philosophy, Comparative Religion
Member type
If you're an artist, what kind of art do you make?
Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture
I am...
an INTEGRAL artist, writer, teacher, philosopher and traveler.
An international and central figure in both the Fantastic and Visionary genres’ of art. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees (BS, MA and MFA) in Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture, with studies in Psychology, Philosophy and Comparative Religion. His studies were further complemented under the mentorship of the renowned artist, Ernst Fuchs, in Austria 1973-74. His paintings have been exhibited internationally in more than 90 exhibitions and his writings have been read worldwide.

He is the author of "DRINKING LIGHTNING - Art, Creativity and Transformation” and the forthcoming “PROMETHEAN FLAMES - Rekindling and Re-visioning the Creative Fire” and “EYES OF THE SOUL - Exploring Inspiration in Art”.

This trilogy of art and spirit represents a deep exploration and survey by the professor on integral consciousness and art.

Rubinov's travels have been extensive, including India, where he studied meditation, Eastern philosophy and wandered naked with a band of sadhus in 1978. He has studied the world wisdom traditions and the Martial Arts of Kodakan Judo and Aikido Sword. Philip has been a strong voice and active proponent for the power inherent in the creative process and in 1981 he co- founded and directed what was the first Institute for Contemplative Education and Visionary Art in the United States, located in upstate New York. In 1995, the professor founded and directed the School of Extended Studies at Naropa University where he served as the Dean of Continuing Education from 1991-1997.

He has been holding his renowned international summer painting seminars: "Old Masters-New Visions" since 1997. He is represented by Galerie 10 in Vienna, Austria and by The Dream Masters in the USA.

He continues to paint, write and teach while his long-range vision includes establishing what would be the first Academy of the Integral Arts at Villa Visionaria, a cooperative community of creative workers currently sited for Italy.In addition, he is working on a dream to establish the first international Integral Center for Arts and Culture in Europe and in the USA.

Email the professor at: eyepaint4u@yahoo.com
His website is www.rubinovs-lightning.com
About my artwork
Since I was a boy, I have pursued artistic expression in a variety of styles and media. Although I have been identified with Fantastic Realism and Visionary Art, I am not solely one or the other. Many simply have never seen what may be called my Abstract, Expressionistic, Classical, Outsider, Folk-art, and Multi-styled works. Despite the contemporary gallery-emphasis and pressures on 'style', it seemed rather limited and extremely boring to be fixed and identified with any one style so I have always refused to allow myself to be limited and to enjoy my creative freedom. There is this intense tendency for the mind's reducing valve to put painters in a designated drawer. I just paint without concern for that. It has always been un-natural for me to paint in 'one' style. In addition, I have always been suspicious of painters who created works that appeared relatively the 'same', decade after decade, as I did not see any growth in their work, any experimentation, searching or versatility. It appears to me, that such artists were always in the same room, and only the wallpaper is changing a little.

Painting begins where words end and often fail us. Artists are commonly asked by galleries to write a statement on their artistic expression and their ‘meanings’. Such a request presumes that the art itself is somehow disemboweled, defective and weak in its singular mode of communication and not 'bona fide' until described in words. The tyranny of the word over the image is still affecting the psyches of 21st century minds, hearts and influencing all of the fine arts. Nonetheless, deep within today's order of consumerism, art’s mystery is quietly injected into the material world by the visionary tribe. Artistic expression of the spirit eventually and inevitably seeps into the culture at large. A regenerating, rejuvenating and redeeming knowledge must fill the good works. For me to follow one line of aesthetic endeavor would never fulfill the scope of my search, it is as simple as that. Art is serious-play. It can also be playful and free, free to explore any means of expression. Not every painting has to be a masterpiece, it can also be fun and bring happiness, knowledge and contentment.
Artists I like
so many,
.........and no-one-thing
What exhibitions are good at the moment?
TURNER in Dallas, TX
Centre of the artworld:
nowhere and everywhere


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ART NEWS from Prof Phil


Art News from Prof. Phil !




Eureka Springs, Arkansas


April 27 - May 17, 2008




in Umbria, ITALY…


Posted on April 3, 2008 at 13:51

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At 21:04 on March 31, 2009, Otto Rapp said…
Hi Phil: check the left sidebar on my page! It's an RSS feed to my blog, featuring your Seminar announcements!
At 13:41 on March 30, 2009, MgA Vladimir Kiseljov said…
Hello ! As I see, we have in thoughts and our visions much in common, great to meet you ! :) If you look on my profile on - www.kiseljov.ic.cz , or www.tolk.cz , you may find my artwork and philosophic texts about Wagners Parsifal and others ... Thanks !
At 23:56 on June 10, 2008, Aníbal Nazzaro said…
Thanks Philip for your comment about my work.
I love yours too.
It's a honor for me have you as a friend.
A hug.
At 14:36 on June 8, 2008, mathis-art said…
I can give you some gasoline money for the way to umbria, but thats where my financial energy stops....

hope it will work out :)

hope to see you soon....
At 12:19 on June 8, 2008, mathis-art said…
good day maestro, I visited de es and peter gric yesterday, otto rapp joined me, as he also was in vienna...

de es would like to join us at the seminar like always, I said that you thought about meeting him before you go to reichenau-->Italy etc..

so maybe drop him a line....I hope it is still an option to travel together with you from reichenau to Umbria..

De Es talked about Bali, it sounded bautiful...and his art is such a wonderfull gift to mankind..its terrible that he is not more on the market or on display in vienna...

love and respect...miss you
At 16:16 on April 13, 2008, mathis-art said…
I was in the forest today and now my energy equals zero, but I have some wonderfull pieces of birch and also just the white skin for making some natural-mystical frames for my art works...

you get the email tomorrow because I have to take a shower+sleeping..

with love and respect, my heart misses yours
At 18:58 on April 12, 2008, mathis-art said…
hello maestro, now afte long time looking at your artworks, I feel your fire and heart, its wonderfull and enlightning...but you know it took alot of time to get in tune with your work....

I feel something for a long time, and I also think about it...you know I feel that you will have something like an artistic rebirth or vulcanic erruption, where this wonderfull heart energy will be unmisstakeable at first sight...I know it...cannot wait to see some new works...

Iam also exited about the seminar and I have some news to share...you'll get an email tomorrow

love and respect your kunstler sohn :)
At 15:26 on April 9, 2008, carol strasser-trent said…
Their faces say it all. Is that beauty and the beast?
At 14:47 on April 9, 2008, carol strasser-trent said…
At 23:51 on April 8, 2008, carol strasser-trent said…
Hi Philip,
You get around! I like this place a little better for painters, no censureship. Phil, I sent you a friend request, be my friend. smile



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