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Jens Kull: Still (2006) – Mexico’s Symbolic Volkswagen Beetle on a Race Through the Capital

Two “screens”, framed in the style of a Super 8mm film projection show a composition of over five hundred vochos (Volkswagen Beetles). Each Beetle is photographed in its natural habitat in Mexico…Continue

Tags: Beetle, Volkswagen, Kull

Started Aug 21, 2009

Visual Artist Jens Kull Illuminates Reality: Untitled, 2008

With his piece "Untitled, 2008", Jens Kull creates another opportunity to see our reality in just a slightly different way. Three screens built into a lightshaft, each one of them representing one of…Continue

Started Jul 27, 2009

Why me, why here, why now, why not? An Amazing Illustration of a Distorted Past by Jens Kull

Four screens of decreasing size in a row on a socket, each one of them fed by a camera. As you approach the piece, the camera on the first screen films you and feeds the images to the smallest screen…Continue

Tags: Review, City, Mexico, Kull, Jens

Started Jul 24, 2009

Jens Kull: Numb Pulse (2008) – Mankind’s beating heart, an hommage to achievement

A rectangular screen, lodged in the ceiling of a darkened room, showing a piece of sky like a rooflight, not making it apparent at first if it’s a screen or just a window. The sound of jets fades in…Continue

Tags: Art, Installation, Video, Kull, City

Started Jul 23, 2009


Michael Schär - writeronart.com

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Daniel Knorr: Led R. Nanirok in Kunsthalle Basel – The world from a different angle

Led R. Nanirok is the title of the current exhibition by Daniel Knorr in Kunsthalle Basel. The name reveals the main idea behind all works: they are showing objects in different ways that we are conditioned to seeing them.

The messing with cultural assumptions begins with the title itself: Led. R. Nanirok is an anagram of the artist’s name. But the interesting thing about this anagram is not its being an anagram. The artist’s birthplace is Bucharest. To the average Swiss visitor, Led… Continue

Posted on October 10, 2009 at 13:14

Tiziana Pagano: Panzer (2009) - Raum für den Beginn des Neuen

Auf den ersten Blick wirkt "Panzer" wie eine komplizierte Ineinanderschachtelung von Farbflächen. Einem Kunststudenten mag das Vorgehen bekannt sein: es sind Farbklänge, die hier komponiert werden. Was anders ist: Tiziana Pagano nimmt die Übung wieder auf und geht weiter. Es entsteht ein Gesamtbild mit grosser Tiefe und Aussagekraft. Farbraumklänge heisst die Werkreihe, und der Titel ist Programm: Farbklang schafft Raum.

Tiziana Pagano… Continue

Posted on August 28, 2009 at 14:39

saltinblu – Basel’s Revolutionary Social Art Space

They’re young. They are full of ideals. And they want to change the world. Or, rather, redo it. Really, this time. A visit at saltinblu’s headquarters in Basel.

I meet Tiziana Pagano in the street in front of her studio, right in the center of Basel’s Old Town. Or rather, she meets me. I am stricken by her eyes glowing with energy, with openness, and I instantly feel welcomed. We climb the stairs to the small apartment studio. As she opens the door and has me enter, I step into a… Continue

Posted on August 11, 2009 at 9:00

Luke Gilliam, Gera Dyllon, Arnold Wytenburg: Ulysses on the Love Canal (2007): On The Lookout For Human Identity

Click here to watch "Ulysses and the Love Canal" first on artreview.com

The modern world, symbolic for which Love Canal stands, a human artifice, in its own time standing for human progress, a dream world, and yet by human progress overtaken and rendered obsolete, mankind overtaking itself and leaving behind an orifice which is then used to bury the own waste, a very powerful and on many levels meaningful… Continue

Posted on July 29, 2009 at 10:01

Jens Kull: Left Over (2008) – A Unique Glimpse of the World Beyond Our Awareness

A seemingly random detail of the ubiquitous sensory overload which is Mexico City. The corner of a street, with cars passing by, and in the road, a bird’s cadaver. After some time, a raven appears, eyeballing the conspecific’s corpse, then laying it out. The bird prepares the coup. A small moment of complete concentration. Then the raven clasps its prey and flies away with it.

Left Over, for one, is a documentation of a tiny hazardous… Continue

Posted on July 28, 2009 at 9:00

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At 1:43 on April 18, 2011, ARTStap International said…
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At 21:30 on August 28, 2009, Luke Gilliam said…
Dear Michael,

7 new PDF files now up on email account!!
At 14:11 on August 24, 2009, Luke Gilliam said…
Dear Michael,

yes I got your message - thank you! OK I have done as you have asked and have sent you the synopsis for the first draft of my book. I have sent it to my new Yahoo Account. I have sent you the account name and password to your inbox on artreview ( and hope that it has arrived! ). The new Yahoo account is an experiment so if you are not pleased with it we can work in a more traditional way such as regular emails back and forth between my email and your email.

I hope my synopsis is exciting and has a very fresh approach that will attract both editors and co-writers alike. Publishing for me is easy - I am not afraid of it ( at all!! ).

I read your article today VISUAL ARTIST JENS KULL ILLUMINATES REALITY. Wow!!! Fantastic! You are showing how he is using basic digital components (the core elements of a digital graphics cpmonent (pixel) to serve as an analogue for reality. Wow! Let me read it again - and think more. It is very exciting to be working and conceptualising with you at this 'lieu fascinant' (et profond).

Talk soon - and my best regards to you,
Luke Gilliam
At 14:45 on July 26, 2009, Luke Gilliam said…
Hullo there Michael.

Wow! I have read the article extract you wrote for the Ulysses video. It is remarkable!

I have printed it off and shown it to two of the people who produced it one of whom is Arnold Wytenberg - a respected artist here in Toronto and a professor at U Of T (I am here in Toronto for 4 months). They are really impressed with it because in some cases you actually pointed out things we discussed while making it but never actually wrote down in any way. Only implied. Also you linked it's cultural roots very closely to what we were all trying to produce in the video. May I be so bold as to ask can I publish it?

My best regards from Luke Gilliam
At 22:09 on July 24, 2009, Roland Rafael Repczuk said…

to enlarge click image

to enlarge click image

I work as a free artist with the experience of more than 25 years, to develop art and design solutions for real estate, landscape, interieurs. I have many-sided interests. Art, philosophy, literature, religion, music, language, policy, life, nature. I am in search of contacts they positively change my life.
At 14:32 on July 24, 2009, Luke Gilliam said…
Hi Michael,

Bravo! That is one of the small successes of groups like artreview is that they allow people to connect on specific points and engage in scientific and or intellectual debate without falling to the mercy of an airplane trip or the hard labour of organising an exhibition. Sartre and Schopenhauer would be happy!

Yes if you could give me an article to read or an image (that you have made) I would like to study it. I have done this excercise several times now with a friend Stephen Plount, from artreview, with great success.

Best regards from Luke Gilliam
At 14:41 on July 23, 2009, Luke Gilliam said…
Hi there Michael. It's really nice to meet you up here on artreview! Bravo!

I like what you have written about the piece for Jens Kull. For one the concept for using cameras and screens to show physically the anomolies intim-perception is very forward thinking. But even more so is the kick to remind the viewer that our environment is reflexive - the environmebt looks in on itself, and doing that it it questions it's place in time (past, present - if present then how do we make the present tangible).

Strong art should have some form of follyn or trace of reflexive interplay. You have really outlined that. Please take a look at my video Ulyses On The Love Canal. It is less obvious but it is a reflexive view of human identity by forcibly 'smashing' (as that was the intention inthe production) together images from ancient greece and modern england. It is as conceptual as I get.

Take care!

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