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jan lewin-cadogan
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Contemporary Clay

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Relationship status
Program / Degree
BA (HONS) Ceramics/Fine Art, 1st Class
July 11, 2008
Member type
If you're an artist, what kind of art do you make?
Conceptual, Photography, Sculpture
I am...
A ceramic Artist with too many unresolved ideas
graduated with a First Class Honours in Fine Art/ Ceramics and looking for exhibition possibilities and networking, possible collaborations.
About my artwork
The influence of the landscape has inspired my study of the effect of memory on the emotional experience of seeing. My Pieces with their layers of clays, oxides and lustres are meant to trace visual memory devoid of or refusing mimetic form, hovering on the brink of recognition. The passage of time features strongly within my pieces; marks, images and surface conditions come and go, leaving fragments of visual experience behind. The remaining fragments evoke meaning, sensory experiences that have been transformed by time, situation, and consequent memories. Memory is always in a constant state of change, complex and fragile, possessing an ethereal quality. My Ceramic work is for that reason rooted in the exploration of how memory, in this case visual memory, is built upon a sense of impermanence and change.
My work is is influenced by the sensuality of the natural world’s processes and minute details. I am inspired by the small seemingly insignificant parts of our world, the lichen growing on a rock, the years of salts and minerals accumulated on old walls. I aim to evoke a sense of wonder, creating forms that demand a closer look, to engender curiosity and delight, by means of line, form, space, colour, pattern and complexity of surface textures, capturing the spirit of the natural world we all inhabit.Textures and surfaces found in the human landscape: architecture, ancient buildings, derelict houses and castles which have been subjected to erosion over the years offer visual and tactile richness as well as the intrigue they offer, secrets they hide, memories and glimpses to a forgotten world. My work offers blank pages to invite curiosity within these structures, personal secrets, feelings, fragility, hopes and dreams... As an observer, one is left to consider a combination of possibilities, possibilities created in part by one's own past, thoughts and memories.

I create surfaces that are an intrinsic part of my concept and process. Nothing is left to chance; the surfaces are part of a critical decision in the design and firing process. I develop and manipulate glazes and engobes that are often disregarded as faults or overlooked, but now challenge the aesthetics and values presented. I liven up the surfaces up through use of stains, oxides and further firings to give an encapsulating and compelling appearance that is significant in the creation of my own personal visual language.
Artists I like
Anslem Kiefer, Tapies, Meeri Hiltunen,Kirsi Kivivirta,Ken Eastman, Maarit Makela, Chris Drury, David Nash, Anish Kapoor,Lotte Glob, Cornelia Parker, Nina Hole(kilns), many more.................
of course ceramics............ art, photography, reading, chilling out, pear cider, gardening and growing veg, my family, walking the dog, Mountains, Environment, History, people, films,music.
What exhibitions are good at the moment?
my latest work:

Natural connections
Based on seedpods, which are coming to life, my forms are metaphors for human nature with all of its ambiguity and layers. We are all very similar in makeup but are actually very different; have variations in characters/personalities, we are strong yet fragile, we develop at varying rates before becoming who we are, just like the seeds that shape plants/nature. Porcelain is manipulated to create the illusion that each piece is soft but upon closer inspection revealing its strength, fragility, translucency, and opacity emulating the fragility and vulnerability of human beings. I use organic repetition/ repeat patterning that are abundant in the natural world
Each piece is the result of thoughtful deliberation and carefully conceived, the subtle and delicate marks are the results of many layers of paper and porcelain used in the process, and the forms distort and alter when fired to 1260c. Each piece is unique with its own personality, which can never be reproduced. However, it does belong to a family of work that share similar characteristics. Some are just opening, some are half-open and some are open. Each piece stands alone and whilst not multiples of one form they work together as a coherent theme.
The main body of the work is porcelain paper clay, touches of clear glaze and Gold lustre. The bases are slab built stoneware clay which has been smoked fired up to 6-7 times before polishing with natural beeswax to achieve a beautiful dark patina to create a contrast with the whiteness of the porcelain.
Centre of the artworld:
my studio, online

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At 13:31 on January 19, 2010, avan said…
hello jan how are you every thing is ok with you ?
At 8:42 on December 19, 2009, Susanne Alm said…

At 20:46 on December 18, 2009, Susanne Alm said…
wonderfull jan!!
At 0:12 on December 14, 2009, Chris Baker said…
Hello Jan,
Thanks so much for your message :)
I'm good - Buried in work for the most part, and getting as much new stuff done as energy & inspiration allows ;)
Be in touch soon, and have a great festive season for now :))))

At 14:12 on November 17, 2009, Mark Lomax said…
Hi Jan, The work looks great on the Bristol Gallery site, well done and good luck.
At 20:36 on November 15, 2009, jan lewin-cadogan said…
At 15:37 on September 30, 2009, razeea Lindner said…
Great new work Jan! I love the 'purity & fragility it exhudes..... Been off 4 a while. Hope you 're fine & busy !
At 10:33 on September 14, 2009, the viewer said…
I love this work, and have posted a few images of your work on my blog. Please advise if you'd like copyright attributed differently. Take a look.
Best regards,
At 2:12 on September 10, 2009, Marta Graciela Bressi said…
Check out.:http://www.freewebs.com/mindsofglass/


At 22:11 on August 14, 2009, Chris Baker said…
About to say something about 'churning it out'.... then checked myself in time ;)
Thank you for your comment on my pencil portrait of 'Alice':


Yes; all pencil on Arches hot-pressed watercolour paper.... I do these things occasionally for friends if asked - I see it as good technical practice now and again ;)

Regards :)
At 12:48 on August 14, 2009, Chris Baker said…
Hi Jan,
Just got your comment back... just to say briefly:
It's most frustrating that comments aren't kept in one place - ie make a comment in one profile,, then the comment back goes back to the other profile.....
There should really be a simple 'reply' button here to keep these topics together... (as in vbulletin message boards).
*Some 'cows' need milking.....Kind regards ;)
At 15:55 on August 13, 2009, Mark Lomax said…
Hi Jan, Great to hear from you again. Hope your work is going well, from the looks of things it appears to be. I’m working on all manner of ideas at the moment. I’ve got a show next year with a couple of other artists on the theme of altered books, so I’ve started on a few ideas for that. (Nothing too Kiefer derived I hope). I also just started some new work, which is more like the old stuff, except more textured and rougher; at least they are at the moment. I’ve got a couple of drawing pieces in a show in Somerset in a few weeks, but other than that things have been a bit slow or more likely I’ve been too disorganised. I’m managing to sell some work which is always nice (including 5 paintings to one couple in June, they’ll have more pieces of mine on their walls than I have).
Just spotted your most recent work.........very smart. Mark
At 10:00 on August 13, 2009, Chris Baker said…
Hi Jan,
I had indeed understood well that that is underlying this series!
I also fully appreciate the manner and techniques you're exploring here so as to bring these concepts & feelings to the fore :) Wonderful!
At 23:55 on August 12, 2009, Chris Baker said…
Good to hear from you again Jan!
Fascinating new theme you've showcased here - seed-pods; seems like quite a departure from previous works, and I'm sure will have plenty of scope to extend the theme also - Delicate and wholly optimistic in feel....Thanks for showing :)
At 7:05 on July 23, 2009, Susanne Alm said…
Hi Jan, didnt hear from you a longer time and assume, you are busy?? XX Suse
At 11:34 on July 18, 2009, Mark Lomax said…
Hi Jan, its been a while, your new work looks brilliant. regards Mark
At 22:48 on July 11, 2009, Chris Baker said…
Love your four latest pieces Jan - they're amazing :)
At 18:05 on July 9, 2009, JoAnna said…
....very well Jan !! Still in the land of the living, would like to think I am 100% well... And how are you!!! ??? Great to hear from you. Love the delicate gold edged work. WIll email . xx
At 10:54 on July 9, 2009, mike hinc said…
Like the new shell like stuff. I'm envious - you are always so busy with expos!!! My work is good - I think - but changing fast. Take a peek at my recent stuff as I would welcome your feedback. And I am still crap at getting it exhibited. Ironic considering my former profession.
At 10:30 on July 9, 2009, mike hinc said…
Hi jan - how ya keepng? I took the FB test you sent me.Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! but fun - thanks.


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