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Member type
Artist, Art Fair, Collector, Critic, Curator, Gallery, Museum, Non-Profit, Producer, Other
If you're an artist, what kind of art do you make?
Performance, Video
About my artwork
[Porn Negative Space]
Porn with the people edited out.

"You know how it is, you want to look and you don't want to look. I can remember the strange feelings I had when I was a kid looking at war photographs...
Even when the picture was sharp and cleanly defined, something wasn't clear at all, something repressed that monitored the images and withheld their essential information. It may have legitimized my fascination, letting me look for as long as I wanted; I didn't have a language for it then, but I remember now the shame I felt, like looking at first porn, all the porn in the world."
-Michael Herr - Dispatches.

Banal Porn / Porn Without the People / Peopleless Porn / Porn Minus People / Beta Porn / Dark Matter Porn / Edited Porn / Pointless Porn / Boring Porn / Dull Porn / UnPorn / Porn Un-Porned / De-Porned / Porn Peripherals / Porn Peripheries / Porn Landscapes / Porn Landscaped / Landscaped Porn / Non-Porn / Non-Place Porn / Non-Porned Porn / POV Porn from the point of view of someone not interested / Porn Interior Designs / What Porn Stars watch on TV whilst fucking /Porn Stars's Plants / Furniture / Porn Furniture / Cool Media Pornography / Youtube-Friendly Porn / Porn Minus Porn / Estate Agent Porn / Porn of an empty room / Edward Hopper Porn / Disappearing Porn / Absent Porn Etc.

"You feel that you are watched when you are private. Even when you are not private you cannot chose your audience. You feel that everything you do is pornography." - Steven Jesse Bernstein [Taking requests.]
Artists I like
Monte Cazazza, Bruce Nauman, Francis Bacon, Eduardo Paolozzi, Tony Oursler, Robert Gober, Anselm Kiefer, Dan Graham, Graham Sutherland, Anselm Kiefer, Stewart Home, Juan Muñoz, Joseph Beuys, Chris Marker, Richard Serra......

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At 20:43 on November 5, 2011, Sadat Laope said…

1. We Are The No.1 Problems.
2. Take It!
3. Sometime,We Don't Need To Think.

- Sadat Laope
At 7:40 on January 25, 2011, Kat Anderton said…

Fascinating work, Video/film media is an area I have never managed to produce within my limited art experience as I find it so difficult. I love the concept behind your work. I will look forward to seeing more of your work and chatting with you in the future. 


Thanks for the add :D  

At 15:59 on December 29, 2010, Klaus Buesen said…
Picasso, eine Interpretation von Klaus Buesen
At 22:43 on October 1, 2010, KEKI RENC said…
At 19:30 on March 15, 2010, ACT ART said…


100 Artists, 1 Venue, 1 Night, 5 rooms, 10 Live Spaced, Seated Cinema + DJ’s

Is CENSORSHIP really appropriate?

Do individuals have the right to say whatever they wish even if this offends someone else?

Does CENSORSHIP have the effect of making art more appealing, more glamorous, and more exciting?

Is it controlling and arrogant to suggest the public needs protecting?

Have you had your own work CENSORED, or in fact self CENSORED in order to get your work programmed?

Is CENSORSHIP about what’s morally wrong or obscene, or is it subjective?

CENSORSHIP surrounds us, be it freedom of speech, censorship of art and culture, freedom of expression or removal of media that’s deemed to be harmful, insensitive, objectionable, embarrassing or inconvenient to those in power. Thankfully it’s extremely hard (if not impossible) for those in authority to control our personal choices and forms of expression because in order for us to be controlled we must all think the same way, which of course is never really going to happen.

CENSORSHIP has of course been around forever, in art history sculptures by pre-Raphaelite artists had their genitals covered with fig leaves and loin cloths, and Robert Mapplethorpe’s endlessly censored photographs, which at the time caused some to address the public funding of artworks. The artist Spencer Tunik has staged mass nudity photography events across the globe, including London, yet just one naked person who participated in Antony Gormley’s, fourth plinth project in Trafalgar Square last year, was asked to put their clothes back on, not because it’s illegal to be naked, but because one individual had complained. Chris Ofili’s ‘Virgin Mary’ (and his use of elephant dung) attracted media attention in the UK but caused one New York gallery to have its funding temporarily removed as the Mayor of New York (amongst others) found the work to be offensive. And although the gallery had its funding reinstated by a judge the work caused such an outcry and was sabotaged, which eventually led to the painting being protected by Plexiglass and armed police.

In more mainstream culture Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘Relax’ single was deemed so offensive in its day by a radio 1 DJ that song was banned by BBC. Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Clockwork Orange’ was withdrawn from distribution in the UK by Warner Bros, under the instruction of Kubrick himself as the film caused such controversy after its release, and accusations we’re made that the film influenced copycat crimes. However after Kubrick died it was revealed that the real reason he withdrew distribution was in fact because he received death threats.

Although CENSORSHIP will most likely exist for a long time yet (if not forever) and the Internet and today’s more liberal television programming has made CENSORSHIP a harder task for the authorities, such as the BBFC whose conduct includes looking at material that contains sexual content, violence, politics, blasphemy or seen to be bad taste. There will still always be those who protest under the banner of what’s morally wrong or obscene, but at the end of the day CENSORSHIP (no matter what kind and from whatever perspective) is a lack of freedom to be able to develop as individuals and make our own judgement which surely in itself is morally wrong.

Artists are invited to submit proposals for work based on or connected to CENSORSHIP for the 8th ACT ART event, as well as work that’s unrelated.

For more information and to make a proposal visit ACTART.CO.UK.


To avoid disappointment we recommend sending your proposal in ASAP as we often select work before the deadline.

ACT ART is an underground event that merges art, fashion, pop and club culture. Programmes experimental, radical, challenging, non-mainstream work that’s sometimes difficult to watch, or be confronted with by emerging and established artists that are willing to take risks. Offering a space where censorship is not an issue for those that have something to say, be it political, confrontational, beautiful, or ugly and aims to bring different people together, brake down social groups and steer away from the cliquey art world, and its politics, making art more accessible and fun whilst still remaining thought provoking.
At 11:58 on February 15, 2010, PETIT DELOR said…
Excellentes approches vos vidéos,


Peut-être est -vous d'accord pour integrer ce group
-tout jeune, -

bien à vous

At 4:41 on October 15, 2009, mike hinc said…
whatever is worse
At 23:47 on October 12, 2009, mike hinc said…
.....and why not? Hello!
At 23:30 on October 9, 2009, ebrahim fleep said…



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