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28 x 23 x 10 cm, air-dried clay sculpture. Books.


There is a little person about 6 cm in height. It's frosty. She slips on the ice and is blown by an icy wind into a cavern in the ground. I reach out to try and save her from sliding into the cavern but she slips and slides out of my grasp and falls between the cracks of the blocks of snow, now beyond my reach. She's gone.

I think that as she's so tiny, she must be dead; she could not have survived the fall. I wonder whether I should admit to the others in the dream that I was the last one to see her and confess that I wasn't able to save her from slipping away.

I go along for a while pretending I know nothing about it. They wonder where she is. I come to the conclusion that I can't have her disappearance on my conscience so I tell them what happened: how she slipped away and how it was impossible for me to prevent her from slipping through my fingers.

The snow and ice instantly begin to melt and I can now see the cavern. I decide to call out for her but I can't remember what her name is. What did they say her name is? I think it's Anna, so I call out for her, not really convinced that it will do any good as I'm sure she's dead.

I call out and she answers, "Here I am!"

I reach down into the cavern and she steps onto my hand. I lift her out. She's unscathed, completely intact. She's only 6 cm tall, has long dark hair, and her name is Anna. I'm relieved she's OK and return her to the others.

(extract from How Shall I Get Elephants To Stay – a book of dreams).

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