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Air-dried clay sculpture . 20 x 20 cm.



A dream about dark forces. There's a portal, indicated by a circular metal lid on the ground. Underneath are worms with the feeling of something unpleasant; destructive and negative. They need to be released every now and again in a controlled way so that the force can be spent and therefore not become so potent and destructive. If they are not released they will become very troublesome.

I have a worm under my skin. It's in the sole of my foot and I can see it wiggling about under the surface. Some Japanese people come to deal with the worms and I show them the one in the sole of my foot. I'm told it's a suicidal worm because it's buried itself under my skin, and that it will suffocate and die. It needs to be released into the world and shown love.

They make a cut in my foot and the worm is released. They are very empathic and kind to the worm. They want to make it feel welcome and wanted.

It's long and white like a maggot but it is also in the shape of a stick man with arms and legs.

(Extract from How Shall I Get Elephants To Stay – a book of dreams).

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