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Watch the boxes :

They came late.
They came as organizers.
They came as covers and protection.
They came as the fitting shell for an already existing content.
They were elite.

For simple people bags had to do the same.

But both of them emancipated from sheer usefulness
becoming entities in their own right:
A playground for all ages and tastes.

I myself grew up in the world of boxes and cardboards.
My grandfather had set up a factory of pliable packages;
My father took over. And some wrapping material, cardboards
and boxes became part of my life – my first “canvases”,
my playground for drawings and paintings.

A reminder for me are the three “B”s:
Boxes, Buenos Aires & Bags

They have accompanied my life, have been my
confidants, my solace, my enticement, my playmates,
my inspiration and my creative projection.

But with the time the entire world turned crazy about boxes.
The wrapping industry became an indicator of a wealthy society.

Now boxes remind us of and are

- secrets
- promises
- enigmas

And once boxes and bags became standardized, they multiplied and became eventually determinant (i.e. containers):order and efficiency… and still remain a shell for our
Curiosity (even and perhaps particularly in art)

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Comment by Ann Mc Cormick on March 24, 2009 at 11:43
Hi Cora. This gallery is a real treasure trove, wonderful.
That is interesting about your grandfather having a packaging factory. I love places like that. And card and cardboards are such a beautiful medium to work with.
As you were asking, I lived in Delhi for about 2 months in 2006-2007. Hope to go back there in the next year or two.
Comment by Cora de Lang on March 12, 2009 at 9:31


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