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How Shall I Get Elephants To Stay - exhibition

How Shall I Get Elephants To Stay - exhibition


This is an exhibition of the artwork featured in Gaynor's book of dreams, entitled as above.

Here you will see paintings, photographs and sculptures expressing the artist's subconscious reality which guides the empathic bonds she forms with the Animal Kingdom and Mother Nature.

During sleep the body and mind repairs itself in order to thrive. It is a time for restoration where essential truths are revealed in the realm of dreams, engaging with all the senses. In dreams, perception of time and space defies scientific laws. There are no rules in these surreal vistas, only an invitation to explore, untethered, and learn the true nature of our fears and desires.

Throughout history a reverence for the power and meaning of dreams has shaped civilisations. They provide us with a potent awareness of ourselves and our bearing in the world.

Gaynor invites you to look through her subliminal lens, to lift the veil on isolation and re-establish a strong alliance with the natural world, mirrored in oneself.

Here's the book >>>


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