Five Exquisite Paintings Reminiscing Roles of Krishna

The paintings of deities, especially Krishna are very popular worldwide. Krishna was the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is loved for his notorious behavior and miracles. There are plentiful paintings which depict many of the roles that he has played throughout his life.


Moreover, because art lovers love the idea of placing deities on the wall, they buy paintings of him quite often. Thus, here are some paintings that are inspired by this mythological tale. Have a look.

1. The Krishna Flutist-

This Krishna Art is a spellbinding representation of Lord Krishna sitting on a cryptic tree. The painting makes use of the shades of blue to symbolize night, the color of Krishna’s body and infinity. Whilst sitting Krishna is playing flute in such soulful tune that the ambience of his surroundings has completely transformed. The tune is so enchanting that animals have gathered near the tree and are enjoying the music as a lullaby while attempting to sleep.

Moreover, the painting is made with an effort of describing the fact that not just the humans but animals too use to understand his language of love.

2. Krishna sang Radha- 

This painting is made with an intent to showcase the devotion that Radha had towards Krishna. Their love was pure and pious and it kept on improving even after Krishna left the village Radha was in.

This Krishna art is a perfect source of inspiration for couples of this age.

3. Romantic Couple –

Though, people mostly abstain from keeping Radha Krishna paintings in their space but placing this painting in the bedroom of a couple will thrive positivity and happiness even more. The artist has made use of bright and vivid colors in this art piece to increase the appeal of it. Moreover, this also defines the divine union of the human and the universe (God).

4. Krishna playing Flute for Gopis-

This painting represents the Mysore traditional style of painting with a hint of modernity. The background of this painting is covered with texture and intricate detailing in the robes, Jewels of Lord Krishna and Gopis. All this makes it an exquisite piece of Mysore traditional painting. Moreover, the painting has also shown the level of fondness of Gopis for Krishna.

5. Krishna-

This spellbinding Krishna art has Krishna and Radha inside the body of the Cow. It is a perfect blend of the religious figures of the Hindus and the Indian art form. The bright colors like red, yellow have been used just in the area where Radha and Krishna are so that they remain the centre of focus. The rest of the painting has blue and white color which is balancing the bright hues appropriately.


The aforementioned ones were the paintings that we found strikingly awesome. Let us know in the comments section below which Krishna painting is your favorite.