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I was wondering if anyone has ever seen a specific path that the majority of artists who end up showing at such prestigious shows as the Whitney Biennial have taken?

Do the majority of them have an MFA from CalArts, or are they all represented by major international galleries, etc. I know it's a stupid question. As I'm sure all of their paths were different. But there must be some direction or advice on the matter.

I'm really just trying to figure out how to get where I want to go in this over-complicated art world. There doesn't seem to be any specific guide book. Any advice on the matter would be appreciated as I'm sure we all agree showing at the Whitney might as well be the height of one's career. Or maybe that's just how it seems to someone who's still showing at emerging venues.

Byron King

Rex from Exxon
Tex from Exxon / 6 ” x 8″ / pen on paper/ 2008.

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I just go my own way . Do what i like and even don't know where i'm going to with my work .Chaos goes always over to a structur . Chaos is a structur 2 .
Than there is the tranformation of art , evolution that make's more site way's .
And here in Europa i feel the change . And everyone with questions , a great energie of questions to search for answers . The power of ????? that has help us people what we now are .And yes we can fly , drive a car thanks all those questions .Now in this time we got manny questions about what to do with life . The klimat-problem . war's and energie .And those issue's has everyone , poor , rich intelligent or stupid .
But i think art has to give something more , .... like a lucky feeling or no sound just peace .That's why there is so much different's and that's good .
But the words : EVRYTHING IS ART is a BIG PROBLEM . There are more of those speache's that make a stamp on art . Like evrything is already paint in the past , painting is histhorie .Art without concept is no art .
It is a visual thing !!!! Maybe we look to much to the words the outfit from the artist and have nomore time to look . We want to have answers on all those questions . We like to hear a storry's .And for some is the storry more important than the art-work .They have more time to listen to the artist than to look to the work he has made .When here on artreview someone talks about a issue a watch his pictutere alway's .To feel the basic where all those words have relation with .Words we can coppy from another page or change a litlle bit .
I think we are to much in hurry , in 3000 years is everything art what come's out of this time .Like a vase from 1000 for christ is now art .
And art is not always art for everybody .Sometimes only for a few that can take it through the time as a treasure .There is still a movement going on .
Please see my picture 's in most populair setting .If you have some time ?

So share what you have learned from all the esteemed commentary. What's your next step. I have very much enjoyed your dialogue.

check out my site: google kellyann art, kellyann gilson lyman or web.mac.com/kellyannart

I just published new work for the next whitney crowd & hoping, like you to find my place in the venerable world of art. keep faith. talent is yours.

I can contribute some I detected "artist" do.

* Part time teaching. (Which is a good opportunity to think about what you teaching and your truth about art)

* In Sweden there most of the art stars are living on grants, government allowance, social well fare or unemployment contributions. (This method is celebrated by Popstar Jarvis Cocker of Pulp.)

* Live from selling but are total nerve wrecks between the shows because the "must sell" pressure is high. (This is not a method for use during a long time, it will be awful on your family)

* Collaboration with companies, institutions, often as a consultant. ( Artist have a creative thinking, those corporate/institutions doen´t have) Its both fun and frustrating.

* Kamikaze celebrity operations. Swedish artist Paul Hollender used this method (won the Robinson/Survivor TV competition. The celebrity from the stupid TV show renders art celebrity which in the end gives you money.
The artist I meet in person, some I know, some i still learning to know.
have so different pathways in their careers so its hard to say that they work in the same line of work.

The guys making the big money is not the ones mentioned as art star in the papers.
The ones that are listed on artnet cant afford their subway ticket to watch their own work at the museum. Some had been celebrated some still wait for that.

The good words of the critics doesn´t always make you rich.

In my view every artist must make a choice.

If the "art" and the freedom to do what you want is the important issue. The satisfactory from doing your art is enough.

If the kick from being in the media and on everyones lips are what you looking for, be controversial.
Remember, it fades out pretty quick. Then you are worn out And it wont make you a celebrity like a football player.

if you not...

Follow the trends and the flavour of the week, You keep yourself in the lime light for a longer period. The best thing to do that is in the world eye in NY or somewhere where you counts.
That must then be your work method, your artistery in itself.

Make art that people wants to buy. Pretty close to home decoration.

Make art within a subculture community, you might rise to stardom in that community but be prepared to be practically unknown in the rest of the art worlds.

Be like Cinderella, dream about Selection and hope your dreams come true.

Whatever method you chose I recommend that you like that method otherwise the pathway will be a drag.
Hi all,

My wife gave birth to a new baby girl. 6 pounds 12 ounces last night. It was amazing. As all child birth is. But to say the least I haven't had a chance to respond lately.

Per E Riksson your input is really great. Top notch. Like this should be written down as a little guide book for the new emerging artist. Pick a path. Any path. But love that path. Present the different paths, so on and so forth.

I find it interesting how much money is spent on art education. The universities churn out MFAs and after that folks are a bit stumped as to what to do with their lives. Very rarely the harsh realities of being an artist are presented. It's sad really. Like a hall of smoke and mirrors. Tricks of the trade are never presented.

I guess I will have to go with this option you presented:
If the "art" and the freedom to do what you want is the important issue. The satisfactory from doing your art is enough.

Seems like what I'm doing now. And you're right about the critics reviews making you a star. I had a few great reviews of a show a month ago by a well know critic in Seattle and it really didn't do much for me. Added to my resume I suppose. Such is life. I do it for the art. always will.

and for the dialogue. thank you all for engaging in this conversation. I really appreciate it.

My newborn's name is Willow Allison King. Has a rather nice ring to it I think.



How exciting. I have a 7 year. It sounds like you are giving birth as well to new life & new art.


I just posted my new work for this year, some still in progress, yet I love to photograph my work
& study it.


yeah, it's cool. I have a 2.5 year old already too. she's got a lot of change coming her way.

just looked at your work. I'm trying to understand it. is it about Ice Cream? are the paintings flavors? I didn't see a write up on the concept. did I miss that?

what are you trying to do with this work? What's the concept? do you mind talking about it?


I share your frustrations, especially after seeing a couple pieces at the Whitney Biennial that were fairly close to work I did a few years ago. One can make all the great work one wants, even show it here and there and get wonderful comments/feedback, but if one is not successful at getting it exposed to the art "ins", one won't make much inroad into the art world. Frustrating, isn't it? I have heard as well, that even being recognized in Art Forum and other major art magazines, and shown in good galleries may not put much money in the artist's pocket. We keep doing the art because we love it. I think it's a good idea to look at the resumes of artists who you think have "made it", for clues on their paths; you can start to see some commonalities in terms of programs they have participated in, curators that they have attracted, etc. It does seem to be a combination of perseverance (remember that ambitious students start showing and trying to make connections while in school, including during their BFA years; not sure that this was always the case, but nowadays, they may have 4-6 years of professionally (or at least quasi professionally) showing their work before they have their MFA, so even if they look "suddenly" discovered, that may be the fruits of years of effort), being both open to opportunities and selective in pursuing them, and LUCK/TIMING.
thanks Deirdre. it's not easy is it? i agree with you on that. I had a really nice show in Seattle a month ago. had a great write up in the Seattle PI. Three times was covered on their blog actually by their critic. really great coverage. and nothing has come from it. no interest in my work whatsoever. strange. such is life.

i wonder how you are doing with your work? what road have you taken? maybe we could learn from each other on a personal level too. what has worked for you? what hasn't?

did you go the MFA route? if so, what has that done for you? do you think you got a lot out of that?

I like your work by the way. are you showing your work recently.


When i look around and see a lot there is not a lot .Too much so i understand that the critics give a good review .I say you make good work .
Mucho pleasure with your child .My girlfriend can't have a child . She has epelepsie
(grandmals) and that make us to say no child .The illness take a lot of time , make's life different .To be artist in this situation can be freedom . The way to get out , even if i stay at house and she is in bed . And now after 23 years we accept it . But we had a time that there was no time for the art-world only time to survival and make some art .In 1998 i have curated and organize a "bienniale in Roermond" it was just a experiment and we had a big place (a old army-base) it was done without much money . there where 101 artist that support with there work the manifestation .It was a great succes .There came protest and people where forgotten .You can not always know all the artist and make the right choice .After all i was the bad person .And i had no problems with the art-world ., didn't know what was going on .Sinds a year of 4 i have time to connect with the art-world .Have a few expo's and enjoy about it .
When you have time take a look t my pictures .Mucho greatzzzzzzz...........artgenerator
On the moment i share a group of artist . We have a outside project with "trains' . And a place called Pittstowe "(gallerie)" where we can show work .
It's a lot of own spirit and power i need . Searching for alternatief solutions or make connection with other organizations .
But for me always work the easy way it best . That some one say yes alright it's oke we do it .And after that looks at how when what whatever .
But i must take care of my time , other why it grows over my head .
When organizing something big you always get something out of it .
Maybe most inside ,
About my work it's criss cross through the time . Maybe when you skipp through the page's you come out by now .
About 2+half week there come's work from me about : war against paint .
I'm already happy happy that i can let see some work to the people .

Mucho thanks and still going on
I can say only what i know go's in Israel art world. i can't speak for the rest of the world.
as much as i know. to join Whitney biennal you need to work with the top leading gallery. or, you need to be known artist, with the right connection.
i was in the last Whitney biennal but in the grupe show.
i join it by the request of Israel artists museum. and of corse i hade to pay for the catalog [my part only]



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