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When was art born? Where did it come from?


When was art born? Where did it come from?


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I know and felt where mine came from, where did yours come from?

This is how mine started.x

June 1993, Went to buy a print in an framing / Art shop for my new home in Olney Buckinghamshire, came out with a Canvas, watercolour brushes and oil paint and a small book on Vincent Van Gogh.

(Never read the words, I just looked at the pictures, still haven't read the words)

Copied Straw Hat.

September 1993 sold my first ever painting that I had ever Painted of Van Gogh in straw hat in eight minutes for £180.00 a weeks wage back then.

'Remember thinking "God that was easy" but never gave my night job up!

The lady that bought it had no idea who it was, she said "it looked just like her husband and it now sits in her hallway".

Her husband is the Manager of the photo copier company XEROX.

It inspired me to keep painting.

****Until walking in the print shop, I had never thought about art at all****.

Painted on and off till 1997.

Dropped my brushes in October 1997 due to a curator pissing me off at a Submission to her open exhibition, She told me that I couldn't submit my Diana painting as Diana had just died and she was an Icon! I told her that It was an Open exhibiton and it was down to the selection panel, she never let me enter the building with it, she had greeted me in the car park whilst she was waiting for the artists to arrive, I told her to stick her Gallery up her Arse (silly cow) and churned up the gravel, left her in a cloud of dust.

The coverage of Marcus Harvey's The Myra Hindley portrait made up of children's hand prints was all too much, how could a Artist do such a thing?

Especially a prick from Leeds, just a few miles away from where Hindley and Brady Murdered those poor children on the moors.

I Totally went against art, artists, dealers and Galleries and all it stood for.

It was in my opinion about filling the buildings with the most shocking work as a money spinner.

Yes Art It is a business, but please!

I never intended to paint again.

December 2006, Picked up my brushes once again as I Lost my partner in an accident and turned to my art for Mental stability and inner light/peace rather than medication.

April the 14th Opened my own Art Gallery and showed my entire collection of 200 art works in seven Gallery rooms.

It was always my life Dream / ambition to show my work for the 1st time in my own Gallery.

December 28th 2006- 27th September 2008 Painted over 180 paintings, and 1000's of Photographs.

2008 Created three on-line networks for the Art Communities to Network for free and meet and greet each other, pulling the Art Network CLOSER TOGETHER AS ONE.

My Theory on Art is that Art is a magnetic force from out ta space, IT IS AN ENERGY that finds our Frontal Cortex and it then it is turned in to thought.

I guess that what 'WE' call Art has a different name altogether, I call it a Magnetic Moment.

My work is not Art, well it is to all you Arty people.

My work is a Magnetic Moment, Magnetic Energy.

I would call it a frustrated energy, but it is never a negative energy as I refuse to paint when I am down.

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Started by Nathan Nicholls aka-recyclesculptor Sep 27, 2008.

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Comment by Prem Singh on October 11, 2008 at 0:08
Art began when a man in a bid to win woman applied his skill & imagiination
Comment by Richie on October 1, 2008 at 13:40
anyone define war please....
Comment by mike hinc on September 28, 2008 at 22:34
Sssshhh...please don't tell anyone, Richie.
Comment by Richie on September 28, 2008 at 12:59
I know the answer
Comment by JOSEPH PAUL FOX on September 27, 2008 at 12:04
Art was born when man wanted to experience a burning desire for transendence..........a longing to communicate with GOD....ART IS MYSTICAL IN NATURE. Through art we experience that mystery in our cosmic universe when we create, because we were born to co-create with this Master Creator who created all matter and living souls.So ART CAME FROM GOD, CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, JUST BY HIS WORD. POWERFUL. When we create we use our mind and heart. Inspiration..is like a bolt of lightning, then we fashion and manifest with 3 dimensional materials and become an extension of divine spirit. That is mystical union.It's an unbelievable feeling.......It's Real !!!! Thats our Vocation and always be thankful for the grace that was given to you to express that divine love in what ever you create. Always remember who gave it to you, you will be creating things you would never imagine. Brothers and sisters have a wonderful weekend, will speak to you soon, Joseph Paul Fox, Artist and Sculptor.
Comment by Havadi-Nagy on September 27, 2008 at 11:46
When I turned fifty I started searching for a new challenge. My first idea was to run a marathon. During the training I got the first ideas for my new photographic work.
Over the past few years I have developed my photographic style more and more into artwork.
With my work I intend to motivate and inspire everyone who wants to start something new in their life.
Comment by Monika Macken on September 27, 2008 at 11:31
I started painting when I saw the art of Hundertwasser and Corneille...I was writing until then, but suddenly I knew I wanted to paint! And this is what I still want...
Comment by Richie on September 27, 2008 at 11:07
frustrated energy, positive energy, negative energy, wotever energy, all is relative and alive and beautiful, if it makes yeh feel better, then create it.
Comment by Nathan Nicholls aka-recyclesculptor on September 27, 2008 at 10:49
I sell from my yard and home but even that is restricted by government "objects displayed for sale shall be screened from view from abutting properties and street" Imagine screening art (expression) from view. Frustrated energy indeed.
Comment by Nathan Nicholls aka-recyclesculptor on September 27, 2008 at 10:40
I was a junk collector. I saw use in and repaired the discarded. I raised my relatively large family on below poverty income. Government hasled me about my junk and my response was: What are you going to do if I call it art? They continue to hassle me with regulation which adds to the motivation. Great group.


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