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whatever are your tastes on art to kill an animal for a performance is not art
Reading darlings, from the
>Magazine Uakix, we are touched enough in our
>sensibility by this received mail this morning
>...... my first impulse to been to send it to mass
>media so that they denounce it on his part. The
>philosophy of Uakix is to show the positive of the
>life, the persons who do good actions, which I
>believe that they are those who more can help to
>this world as it is ..... in a constant
>transformation ....... ....... but there are
>things that if I believe important in putting our
>CONSTRUCTIVE THINGS!!, that we do not support the
>atrocities and less with animals or more innocent
>beings, in this case I believe that the role of
>making something positive is ours!.
>I ask you for excuses if this mail bothers you but
>I think that sometimes it is necessary to say
>something, and in this case I believe that it is
>possible that with only one signature we could
>ATROCITY, that in our world this must no have
>capacity .... I tell you:
>In the year 2007, Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, a
>supposed artist, took to
>a godforsaken dog of the street, tied it to a very
>short rope in
>wall of a gallery of art and it left it there so
>that he was dying
>slowly of hunger and thirst:
>For several days, so much the author of similar
>cruelty as
>visitors of the gallery of art attended impassive
>the agony of the
>poor animal:
>until finally he died of hunger, surely after
>having happened
>for a painful, absurd and incomprehensible
>Does it seem to you strong?
>Since that is not quite: the prestigious Central
>American Biennial of Art
>decided, incomprehensibly, that the savagery that
>it had just committed
>this subject was an art, and this way so
>incomprehensible Guillermo
>Vargas Habacuc has been a guest to repeat his
>cruel action in happiness
>Biennial in 2008.
>Sign here: http: // www.petitiononline.com /
>13031953 / (it is no that
>to pay, to register, not nothing dangerous, and it
>is worth it) for
>to send a request and that this man is not
>congratulated not called
>' artist ' for so cruel act, for similar
>insensitivity and enjoyment
>with the foreign pain.
>It is very easy, 10 seconds are taken and it is
>sure, if we lose the time
>forwarding bullshit that nobody believes, well we
>can dedicate a little
>of this time to try to prevent another innocent
>animal from suffering l suffer
>cruelty of this one, and others, sadistic and
>disgusting ' to be a human being ':
>Pd: if you put the name of the 'artist' in Google
>salt the photos of this poor animal, and surely
>also web pages will go out for you where
>you will be able to confirm it and to see that it
>is true.

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Replies to This Discussion

well then, where do I find an agent? am working on my dog suit now,
have the howling down pretty good, and have always been sniffing
after the ladies, so if there are any other areas that I need to demonstrate
proficiency in, please advise me, or how about 10% as your fee?
It does not need to be admired, no. I don't admire the act.
I was under the impression it was released, but I do not know.
I think we are unnecessarily stretching it. It's time to put a lid on it. This open ended discussion for the sake of argument & counterargument will not lead us anywhere. I think it deservedly got enough what it needed
deservedly....... yes, there are matters more worthy of our attentions
and energies, but I see good coming from this, hopefully it has had
the effect of drawing people out and causing some serious reflection,
and sharing
But, trash is trash....... and yes, I catagorize my opinion as fact,
no way Jose.......if a dead, or dying dog is art, would you want one on
your wall?
So, lots of energy in this one guys, but let's jump on something more
does a shark count ? and was it live to start with before damien got hold of it?
wow - i have about 100 comments on this in my e-mail so---

he has attention and will the signing of a petition help? has anyone tried to contact this "guy"?
and what about paola pivi beautiful images of zebras on the snow actually they were liove zebras on the artic and they all died off cold. at least the honduran had the honesty to do a cruel thing, while Paola Piva for the sake of aesthetics transported zebras in the artic and made them freeze and then denied.but nobody knows about and she is a famous artist and she even showed this at the gloucester road tube station.
Forgive me if this is crass, but wasn't hitler an art student?
On this site it can be quite difficult to work out which post links with which. Just who are you addressing here? Please advise. Thanks in anticipation..
But Scott ,
Hitler was an artist - a painter of sorts, who interestingly had trouble with perspective. I don't want to shoot you down in flames but it's all out there in those "books on ART" you decry so readily.

You might also find a workable definition of "Art" in them too. Hyperbole is always worriesome but I thought you should be told that I can see no likelihood of the rejuvenation of the National Socialist Party occuring as a result of this misguided proposal to cruelly kill a dog in the name of Art.
I simply thought it was darkly funny that you used him as an example when he actually was an art student early in his life.
Please, let us not give any attention to that man. Any question about him is already answered and can be googled in millions of articles.
I thought we were discussing artists here, presenting there work as art. And whether or not it is acceptable to use dying or dead animals to make an artwork. Giulio's example is much more to the point.



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