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Hey guys&girls,

Let's start making our new and last series of 2008?

Yes, I know, we barely finished #4-6, but I would really like to finish this year with more.


So here it is, our new series participants list:

Michael Chang (Denmark) | Jan Kather (USA) | Niclas Hallberg (Sweden) | Renata Padovan (Brazil) | Ulf Kristiansen (Norway) | Tim Pickerill (USA) | Ronee Hui (England) | Romuald Beugnon (France) | Hans Manner-Jakobsen (Denmark) | Kai Lossgott (South Africa)

Anders Weberg (Sweden) | Joshua & Zachary Sandler (USA) | Kika Nicolela (Brazil) | Nung-Hsin Hu (Taiwan) | Brad Wise (USA) | Stina Pehrsdotter (Sweden) | Christian Leduc (Canada) | Caroline Breton (France) | Jan Hakon Erichsen (Norway) | Pila Rusjan (Slovenia)

Joy Whalen (USA) | Per E Riksson (Sweden) | Marty McCutcheon (USA) | John Pirard (Belgium) | Alexandra Buhl (Denmark) | Simone Stoll (Germany) | Alicia Felberbaum (England) | Lucas Bambozzi (Brazil) | Pedro Reis (Portugal) | Mads Ljungdahl (Denmark)


1. Each participant is required to make a 1 minute video based on the 10 sec he receives from the previous artist. The first artist in each thread will start his video with the last 10 sec from Corpse#6.

2. Each artist should integrate the 10 sec from the previous participant in the best way possible. Ideally, the transitions from one piece to the next should be fluid.

3. There are no pre-conceived themes. The idea is to get inspired by what the previous artist made.

4. Each artist has up to 7 days to work on his piece. Let me know if you need more time by any chance.

5. All participating artists must be on artreview and members of the Video Artists Group.

6. All videos excerpts used on the project must be original material shot and edited by the participating artists.

7. Older footage can be used if never used before in other projects.

8. It is suggested that the artists don’t sound & image copyrighted material.

9. The resulting video is propriety of all participating artists and may be exhibited by any of them, but always with credits for all the artists. All artists must be notified about each screening and/or exhibition.

10. The preferable video format for this project is Quicktime files (codec DV NTSC or codec H2654 system NTSC). You may shoot in any format, but the final render should be this. The shared 10 seconds files should be also in this format.

11. The files sharing must be done through www.filecentral.se or www.pando.com. Through those websites, you can easily send large files. The sign up is free.

12. You only send the last 10 seconds to the next artist on the line.

13. As soon as you finished your whole piece, you may send it to me, Kika Nicolela, the project manager (the whole 70 seconds: 10 seconds you’ve received from the previous artist + your 60 seconds). I'll stitch together everyone's pieces and finished Corpse#7, Corpse#8 and Corpse#9 simultaneously. Then I'll share the final videos with everyone from the group. Email address: kika@dilemastudio.com

14. Let's keep everybody posted at the forum about who's presently working on the project.

15. The genre is open to any experimental one - video art, experimental animation, video performance, video dance, video essay, video poetry etc. The only rule is: integrate the piece of video you got from the last artist in the best way that you can, and continue it with your own video. The final video will be a patchwork of all these short videos, but hopefully the collected videos can be 'stitched' together thanks to this method of sharing.

16. The videos may contain sound or not, it depends of your concept.

17. DO THE BEST WORK YOU CAN! If you feel you can't give your best right now for whatever reason, please refrain from participating. We are serious about this project and it will be exhibited worldwide.

18. Everyone is encouraged to take part on the forums both at www.artreview/groups/videoartists and http://exquisitecorpsevideoproject.ning.com . Please let’s make an effort to keep the dialogs on a friendly and generous tone. You’re welcome to also collaborate on our multiple efforts to screen, exhibit and spread the project and its videos.

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Replies to This Discussion

I want a slot to. Please not last this time.
Im in and like to make some vieos, in so many Corpses as possible.

Today im realy happy because we are finnish with the move to the new studio and gallery.
And the space feels great.

Hello! Ola! Hola! Hi!

I'm in for the new corpses, and as Nic, many Corpses as possible.

Hey. It would be really exciting to be part of this :)
I haven't been part of it before, so I have no idea how to go about it, but hopefully there are a few people who can guide me a bit - Michael has all ready offered :)

your girls are so cute!
are sure you don't one small corpse...?
you don't have to work so hard on the rest of the project. I think that taking over the book must have drain out your energy. but please consider being in the group as a video contributor...
well, I don't to be pushy either....
we will miss you, michael!
great, people, I'll start thinking about the line then!
hi alex,
welcome to the project! I'll post the regulations soon, as usual. but I'm always available to help everyone out. :))
To bad Michel..To bad there cant be any garage videos.

Stina and Niclas Im so curious about the new space.
Hi everybody
I'm in the following Corpses with one part. Stina P.
Oi Kika, I am in!!
Come on, i want you in the next serie.
I love yours coffie making video in the last serie.
And hurray for your next book.
We gonna show corpse 1-3 in ouers grand opening 13 sep, i wonder if the book are ready for the date.
Best wishes to you and i whant to spend some time togheter.

Im in!



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