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Screen-in-Between is a new Project set up at .HBC offering artists the opportunity to have their work digitally displayed in a public context outside the gallery space. The chosen work will be shown daily at .HBC, Berlin during working hours (Tuesday - Saturday 19:00 - until bar closes) for a duration of 2 -3 weeks depending on theme and amount of different works selected. Two themes per month.

The medium:
Video artwork / video sculpture / animation / moving image / programmed on a loop.

The aim:
To integrate digitally displayed work into social situations outside the gallery context.
To intervene in the existing social & architectural space via the moving image.
To experiment with the experience of the public within their surroundings.
To bring artists from various media together.
To combine art, cinema, theatre and music.
To expose artists to a wider public.
To connect art with life.

The equipment:
In the Lounge (1st.floor) between main bar and cinema:
6 freestanding screens (86 x 65cm monitors) with a separate DVD player in each. Can be stacked and re-arranged (one on top of each other etc)
Video Distributor - for the possibility to connect all the screens to have the same image.

In the window display (ground floor facing the street):
16 monitors stacked 4 x 4 to create one wall.
1 DVD player - image fills all the screens.

Also avaliable:
2 projectors & 2 big screens can be hung accordingly.


1st - 21st March:

Theme:Twisted Ends.
Work which relates to the theme of Horror, Mystery, B-Movies, Hysteria, Expressionism, Kidnapping, Living dolls, Nightmares, Surrealism, Miming, Clowns gone bad...
 The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari.

Opening 1st March to co-incide with Kino screening The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari (1920) with live music by Eutechnik.

Submission closes on Saturday 26th February.

22nd March - 10th April:

Theme: Rituals.
Work which relates to sacrifice, the mind, the body, out of body experiences, psychedelics, life, death, food, the quest for truth,body performances, pleasure, pain, masochism, fetishism. Think Jodorowsky's
The Holy Mountain.

Opening 22nd March to co-inside with Kino Screening Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain (1973) with live audio manipulation by Alexander Stone.

Submission closes on Saturday 19th March.

Please get in touch with description/ links of work to be showed.
Artists living outside Berlin also welcome to apply.



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