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Water (H2O) has always been the most important material for the history of the earth. The origin of life started when 400 years ago the first creatures crept out of the water and conquered the land. Water is the most important element of the history of mankind, it is a symbol of the power of life, purification and renewal. It gives rain to the dry land, to animals and plants.
Even in the old days people needed water for washing or for taking a refreshing bath. Water plays an important role in myths and old stories. In fact the story of the Flood tells about enormous, disastrous floods, it tells about death and renewal. Once again dry seasons led to crop failures and famines. Today water is in danger of pollution. Although two thirds of the earth is covered by water, only one percent of all the water is drinking water.
Without water there won’t be life on earth. Each human being needs drinking water to survive. Water is part of the human body as well as part of nature itself.

Water means life for human beings and for nature. But we are running short of clean water and this will surely lead to fatal consequences for every living creature.
Streams, rivers, wetlands and lakes are drained and dams are built with lots of concrete. Fertilizers, pesticides and industrial waste pollute the drinking water. A lot of water is used for the production of energy, is used for water supply and for the watering systems of the fields.

Within the last 40 years half of all stretches of water were destroyed, which means disastrous consequences for the water balance: floods, droughts and the extinction of many species. The wide variety of species decreased for 50 percent.
Until 2025 two thirds of all human beings will be confronted with shortage of drinking water – and mostly it will effect poorer countries. The wars to come will be caused by the need of water.



The video art project „Water“ is initiated by the bananapark gallery and the society proArt. The best 20 videos will be shown in August and September 2009 at the bananapark gallery and a public space in Landau, Bavaria, Germany.
We invite professional video artists to participate in this event.

€1.500 as a total for two prizes.

1. The call is open to every professional video artists.
2. Creators can send one work in any genre.
3. Films talking part to the competition should last maximum for 10 minutes, such time has to be intended inclusive of the titels.
4.Only works produced not earlier than January 1st 2005 are applicable.
5. Participation in the festival is free of charge.
6. If there is dialogue in the work, please subtitle in English or German.
7. Bananapark and proArt curators makes a selection for the show. The best 20 films will be selected for the screenings.
8. All submitted works must be stored on a DVD as data-files in PAL System: QuickTime dv. or Avi only.
All works must have an acceptable screening quality and be able to show as a single channel projection. Please avoid attaching stickers on the surface of the DVD.
9. Organizes will carefully store the films, but they decline any responsibility for possible damage, loss or any kind of accident occurring during the show or during transportation and handling of the videos.
10.Upon unquestionable judgment of the organizers, works containing violence or pornography items will be automatically excluded form competition.
11. The works will not be returned.
12. The complete acceptance of the present rules is implicit when participating to the competition.
13. All deliveries from international participants should be marked:
"no commercial value - for cultural purposes only".

The winners will be informed by e-mail.
We ask winners to comme and collect perssonally the prize. They will be our guests for 2 days.

DEADLINE March 7, 2009.

Submit CD with:

• Contact details
• Short description of submitted video in English or German
• Short biography/CV attached as Word.doc max. 1/2 typewritten page in English or German. Adress and mail.
• Video still image attached in JPEG-format, 300dpi, picture of the autor/s.



Till Bollwage, Tatjana de luxe
Osterhofener Str. 129
D-94405 Landau

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